Brain Peskin | Something Fishy About Fish Oil?, February 28, 2012


February 28, 2012–If you regularly take fish oil supplements, this segment may be difficult to hear. Professor Brian Peskin, scientist and MIT graduate in electrical engineering, insists that he never had a vendetta against fish oil – but he sure has a lot to say about it in his latest book Debunking the Fish Oil Myth. Despite a lifetime of low-fat food and exercise, his wife Debbie was diagnosed with diabetes in 1990. When the clinic’s recommendations made her worse, Prof. Peskin began studying health research to find answers. With an extensive background in statistics and engineering, he quickly recognized that even research in highly-regarded medical journals is often incomplete, inconclusive, opinion-based, or makes statistically inconsistent recommendations.

To address this critical issue, he founded the field of life systems engineering science in 1995, bringing unprecedented scientific rigor to health and nutritional research. Although leading sources for health information tout fish oil supplements as a good source of essential fatty acids (EFAs), Peskin’s research shows that fish oil supplementation is ineffective against cardiovascular disease and cancer, detrimental to immune health, and promotes diabetes. So why in the world are we taking it? Join us with Professor Brian Peskin as he discusses parent essential oils (PEOs), the role of EFAs in the body’s metabolic pathways, and explains why everything we know about the science of fish oil is wrong.~Kim Greenhouse
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