Whitley Strieber | The Communion Enigma, OffPlanet Radio, March 28, 2012

Source: offplanetradio.com, unknowncountry.com
Aliens and dead people...hybrids and human-like dimension trippers...implants that move to avoid extraction...the strange world of Whitley Strieber...a terror wrapped within a wonder: the enigma.

March 28, 2012–Whitley Strieber's latest  non-fiction work, "Solving The Communion Enigma" brings his post-communion experiences and observations into a tighter focus and wider perspective. The "enigma" deals with the paranormal events that are woven into the present reality...the lifting, so to speak, of a veil between worlds, dimnensions, and time lines. It is very much a spiritual journey with some very bizzare side effects.

Whitley, as always, is expansive in spinning the stories that inform the paranormal experience from a deep personal persepctive. He recalls of his own youth spent in a dark government pilot program for intelligent children; the connections to the military from Randolph Air Base to Roswell to Wright-Patterson ...the connecting points between childhood trauma and later encounters with non-human entities with extreme invasions into the body and mind of the subjects.

This conversation reframes the entire spectrum of the paranormal into a marvelous sense of wonder...the sense that humanity is being stretched, pushed, and pulled to evolve beyond our present concepts, outside of our traditional models, and forward towards something that he defines as "divine".

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