Jef Harvey | Self Energetics, May 22, 2012


Jef Harvey returns to Truth Connections with another exciting and addictive listening session to discuss a number of health and nutrition updates, and will move right along in the 2nd hour to touch on matters of love and the heart.

Jef will explain how pheromones work, and how they are received and accepted by your body over time, and the healing benefits of desire and sexual energy for stress relief. We will learn why abstaining for short periods can re-ignite our ojass (sexual energy), and why releasing on a regular basis can unblock meridians and allow the body to heal in ways that it doesn't normally. Jef will then bring up the 'midlife crisis' and menopause issues, and the importance of detoxing to avoid early onset.

Delving briefly into the use of fringe technology (discussed in length on the last show), such as the head gear and tuning forks, and more, available on his website (, Jef will give some examples as to how they can assist with linking minds and encouraging telepathy between partners, as well as creating synchronicity. Finally, Jef will give us brief run-down on the practice of Remote Viewing to synchronise our phyche and nervous systems, and some sexual techniques to create a mind, body and spirit fusion that will eleviate stress and guarantee a greater connection with your intimate loved one/s.
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