‪Dr. Ted Loder & Dr. Steven Greer‬ | False Flag ‪Events and Their DANGER‬, July 27, 2012

Source: worldpuja.org, CSETI.org, DisclosureProject.org

World Puja Network Show - July 27, 2012
Dr. Ted Loder and Dr. Steven Greer discuss false flag events which are hoaxed ET events made to demonize the Extraterrestrial Civilizations. Having primed the public with scary "alien invasion" movies by the score, what is next on the agenda?

Former President Reagan's remark about humanity uniting to fight a common "alien threat" does not protect humanity but it does promote lots of money flowing to the military industrial complex.

Dr. Greer and Dr. Loder drill down on what is being presented to the public now and why it is so dangerous. The threat is not recognizing it for what it is. Listen in.
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