Robert Gleason | Iran, Israel and the End of Days, September 21, 2012


Robert Gleason's brilliant book End of Days warns of just how close we are to nuclear apocalypse. Could it really happen? Listen as he discusses what is happening right now between Israel and Iran, and how unstable our world is becoming. Does he think that Israel could attack Iran on its own? Will it? Robert Gleason is one of the great experts on geopolitical dangers and world instability. Here, he discusses the research behind his brilliant book End of Days, now available in paperback.

Former Secretary of Defense and senator William S. Cohen said of the book, "you'll race wildly through it to find the nearest exit--only to realize that End of Days is not a dream. It's just tomorrow arrive a day early."

Senator Byron Dorgan says, "Gleason's powerful, compelling book is a stark reminder of the peril we face unless we find a way to destroy nuclear weapons before they destroy us." How often do you see support like that from a former Secretary of Defense and a senator? Not often. Listen and learn. ~Whitley Strieber
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