Miriam Delicado on Veritas Radio | Indigenous Cultures in an Interconnected Universe | Segment 1 of 2

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The truth that Aliens exist is only the beginning. they are connected to our world, to humanity and they are contacting the people of Earth today. They share warnings about a possible future in which our existence as a species is at risk. Why are the Aliens' messages so important to all of us now! Why are the Hopi so important to the future of our planet? Do extraterrestrial, alien contacts tie in with ancient cultures of indigenous people from around the world?

Since childhood Miriam Delicado has been in touch with the other worlds and energies of life beyond our earths dimension. During a physical encounter in 1988 with Tall Blond Extraterrestrials, Miriam was given insights and information from these beings regarding who human beings really are and the purpose of life on planet earth.

With this deep understanding of the creation of life she began contacting indigenous people around the world. Understanding the Sacred spiritual fabric of life that the indigenous still connect with through their ceremonies are holding the world in balance. Their roll is critical to the future of our planet as we transition to the future of this planet.

Miriam is also the Executive Director of The Great Gathering of Humanity which has been created with the understanding that we are all one people, the people of earth. -veritasradio.com
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