Tom Campbell | Zeno's Paradoxes Solved by MBT Science Model


If you accept that this is a probabilistic digital reality as Tom Campbell has derived in his My Big TOE scientific model, then many paradoxes of science and philosophy are simply solved.

Zeno was a fifth century Greek philosopher known for his paradoxes, some of which are discussed here with reference to digital reality and quantum mechanics.

In a radio interview in 2009, Tom was asked by a listener "Einstein's equation is E=Mc2. What would your equation be? " He answered, R=I (he explains this is more of an identity than an equation).

The steps current science needs to take toward understanding the nature of reality are: 1. R=I (Reality equals information.) 2. I=VR (Information derives our Virtual Reality) 3. VR=C (Consciousness is the self aware information system wherein the VRs computations are made)

Having unified physics and metaphysics with My Big TOE (it has to be big to cover the known and unknown), Tom's statement within the context of this discussion that "there is no distance" supports the often asked questions such as why does distance healing work, how does telepathy work, and where do psychics get their information?
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