Aaron Franz | The Singularity, Artificial Intelligence, Technological Addiction, August, 29, 2013

Source: SmellsLikeHumanSpirit.com, theageoftransitions.com

Aaron Franz is an author, filmmaker, and researcher whose work covers a number of subjects including the 'technological singularity', transhumanism, and eugenics. He previously appeared on the podcast back in Episode 50, and recently penned an article for SmellsLikeHumanSpirit.com entitled 'H+ The Digital Series - Another Transhumanist Apocalypse.' In this edition of Smells Like Human Spirit, he discusses the article, artificial intelligence, technological addiction and more. Enjoy! -SmellsLikeHumanSpirit.com
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Article: 'H+ The Digital Series - Another Transhumanist Apocalypse' by Aaron Franz
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