Britain's Best Alien Contact Case - Real UFO Flying Saucer Landing Aliens Kingley Vale Sussex UK



Get ready for a thought-provoking journey: This extraordinarily rare and highly unusual documentary, covers the evidence of an elderly Alien Contactee and his friend: Both are psychic/healers and who have, in recent years, privately videoed and photographed some incredible Close Encounters between themselves and Other-Worldly Beings - all carried out in secret, remote locations, at the entities request.

Contained here is 1 hour and 15 minutes-worth of factual account, location footage, videos and images that have never been seen in public before - revealing The Visitors, (as we call them), aliens which are completely unlike anything that Hollywood has ever portrayed.

These are creatures who may originate from a far distant planet or from alternative folds of reality: Here are a few suggestions: We could be dealing with Extraterrestrials (off-planet), or Interterrestrials (from other realities/dimensions that coexist separately alongside our own), or Ultraterrestrials (from hidden parts of our Earth - subterranean realms for example); they may even come from another Universe that is Parallel with our own - we simply don't know for sure and can only make an educated guess.

Examine these secretive, powerful, majestic beings, close-up, and see what they REALLY look like, which may not be quite as one would expect; observe their craft in flight - and even get glimpses inside their weird ship/s - then make your own mind up about it all.

Some amazing, puzzling and often beautiful images indeed, particularly from a landing which happened in Kingley Vale forest, West Sussex, UK, in December of 2011, (a location to which the witnesses were telepathically compelled to travel for this, the ultimate UFO and Alien Encounter!), and permitted to capture some Vital Evidence for final presentation to the world.

This entire case has been thoroughly researched by two groups of specialists - and is, in the opinion of the expert involveds, absolutely, totally genuine.

The authorities who have validated the witness' evidence, include forensic photo analysts from BEAMS - The British Earth & Aerial Mysteries Society and MUFON - The Mutual UFO Network.

So, finally the day has come; here we have proof that the world has been waiting for - but how many will believe, or WANT to believe, the unusual, never seen before, photographic and video data presented here; strange visual recordings which tell a challenging story of where perhaps, not everything is sweetness and light concerning the alien theme.

What can be learned from this documentary may challenge the previously held views of many individuals: For example - how many would be willing to even entertain the possibility that these creatures, (which sometimes appear to be closer to Spirits than Spacemen in their appearance), may be descendents of THE 'Gods' of numerous religions - or even what may be termed as Alien Scientists - who seeded mankind on Earth in the first instance?
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