Dale after Dark | Background on James Horak | WolfSpiritRadio, February 8, 2014

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Background on James Horak - Questions addressed James Horak by someone seeking answers to questions few ever ask.

Thanks go to the host Dale Benadum of Wolfspiritradio for hosting the show and for publication permission. His website is: The Spirit of Mount Shasta spiritofmountshasta.com

Dale Benadum, The Spirit of Mt Shasta,
At 15, I was floored (literally) by a voice that spoke to me internally,yes thats right I said internally. As if every single atom vibrated & spoke as one. After that, events and effects started to happen in life and became more interesting as time progressed. Time displacements & slips, USO's, UFO's, physical Angelic contact. Its been a difficult, lonely and stressful life at times. However I'm a firm believer that GOD (The Divine Source/ The Force) and all that he/it has created is not in vain. We Earthlings/ Starseeds who think alike have been in waiting for what seems like an eternity for our "purpose" to unfold. I'm a firm believer that THIS TIME HAS ARRIVED.

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