New World Next Week | Ukraine Set to Ignite in Civil War, February 27, 2014


Story #1: Russia puts military on high alert as Crimea protests leave one man dead

Interview 830 - William Engdahl Exposes the Western Agenda in Ukraine

Interview 829 -- Paul Craig Roberts Connects the Dots on the Ukrainian Revolution

Putin drills ground troops at Ukraine's doorstep as US warns against intervention

Story #2: Bitcoin under threat as MtGox goes offline

Make Or Break Time for Bitcoin

Bitcoin Price Resilient as Antonopoulos, Andreessen Weigh in on Mt. Gox Debacle

How To Prove That Exchanges Really Have Your Money

Story #3: Can Twitter Predict Major Events? A New Study Says Yes

Predicting Crowd Behavior with Big Public Data

Chicago PD Believes It Can See The Future, Starts Warning Citizens About Crimes They Might Commit
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