The Police State: Dirty Tricks, Corporate Interests, and How to Fight Back! | Jeremy Rys aka "Alienscientist" on Susan Lindauer's Covert Report Radio

Source: The Covert Report TFN,

Flowers in Tanks: Civil Rights Activist and truth seeker Jeremy Rys talks about surviving the apparatchik of the Security State. Today’s show points out the dangers of a fearful government, and the mechanics of the NDAA, Patriot Act and the government’s compulsion to demonize dissidents. Cases of Brandon Raub, your host Susan Lindauer, and the murder of Joshua Messier are spotlighted to demonstrate the brutality & corruption that’s now confronting all of us. But Rys also points out how activists are fighting back and beating the system, how we can win, despite the force of muscle amassed against us. A great show! -Susan Lindauer
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