The Asia-Pacific Perspective | Russia Clears Path for South Korea Pipeline, April 29, 2014



Pacific naval powers sign pact aimed at preventing conflicts

Asia's Changing Naval Landscape


Australia set to order 58 F-35 Lockheed Martin fighter jets

Australian PM: $12.4b jets 'for the unexpected'

Lockheed Martin wins out over taxpayers in the F-35 procurement nightmare

The F-35: A Weapon That Costs More Than Australia


Russia Writes Off 90% of North Korean Debt to Facilitate Gas Pipeline to South Korea

Is an Asian NATO Possible?

Other Asia-Pacific Updates:

Asia bucks military spending decline

Japan to arm remote western island, risking more China tension

TPP protests intensify ahead of Obama's Japan visit

Justin Bieber apologises for visiting Yasukuni Shrine

Satellites show North Korea nuclear test unlikely

Marshall Islands launch lawsuits against nations with nuclear arms

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