Gregory Sams | The State Is Out Of Date | Hour 1 | June 27, 2014


June 27, 2014–Gregory Sams has been a health food pioneer from the 1960's. In 1967, he and his brother Craig introduced organic and natural foods to the UK marketplace. After 15 years of catering, Seed magazine, Ceres Grain Store & Bakery, Harmony & Whole Earth Foods, in 1982 Gregory conceived and christened the original VegeBurger. In the 80's, he also became fascinated with the scientific ideas of chaos theory, so he founded Strange Attractions, a shop dedicated to chaos theory. Sams' lifelong passions, health, culture and consciousness culminated in two books.

He returns to discuss his latest work, The State is Out of Date: We Can Do Better. He'll discuss today's disenchantment over the top-down power structure that increasingly manages our lives vs. the beauty of bottom-up self organization. He explains how we are community animals with built-in empathy; we are good at getting on with each other, organizing best from the bottom up. Our culture's most essential and reliable features came into being without central planning. Top down control by a coercive state has been going on for less than 4500 of modern human's 100,000 years on planet Earth.

Its every variation has eventually failed, often bringing down the civilization than it had fed upon. He says, we can do a better job of things ourselves than can those "in charge," regardless of how much money they have to spend or how good their intentions may be. Gregory criticizes our societal structure that does not serve the majority. Where the state steps into our affairs, problems arise. Gregory explains how the state holds us back from natural order and nature's harmony.

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