Tom Campbell | What Defines a Real Scientist?


"The breakthroughs come from the fringe."
Thomas Kuhn, The Structure of Scientific Revolution.

Tom Campbell describes what real scientists look for and credits the many scientists out there who practice real science by questioning, pursuing and experimenting with the anomalies they discover. 

"If you are a real scientist, you must follow the truth", Tom Campbell.

In this interview, Tom discusses the work of physicists, astrophysicists, engineers, psychologists, psychiatrists, cellular biologists, mathematicians, computer science experts, medical doctors, and more and explains that My Big TOE builds a foundation for all their work. This is what defines the "big" in a theory of everything. It is inclusive of all.

Towards the end of the interview, Tom delivers a quick summary of the logical process that built My Big TOE. "The value of it is that it pulls things together."

Tom also explains that the logic used in MBT is workable and proven in mathematical calculations and computer processes.

In addition,Tom shows that past life experience packets are a logical requirement of the MBT system, an acknowledgement to the groundbreaking work of Dr Brian Weiss.

With much emphasis on the objective world in science, and virtually none to the subjective, which world is most significant in our lives?

Not afraid to "go boldly where no man has gone before", this interview is dedicated to all the true scientists out there today. To be a true scientist takes courage.

Here are just a few scientists mentioned in the interview: Russell Targ, Hal Putoff, Brian Whitworth,  John Ringland,  Brian Weiss,  Jim Tucker,  Michael Newton,  Rupert Sheldrake,  Bernard Haisch,  John Conway,  J B Rhine,  PEAR Labs,  Bruce Lipton,  Helen Wambach,  Dean Radin
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