V - The Guerrilla Economist | US Air Force 4 Star General reveals 'The Plan'

Source: Guerrilla.Report 07.16.14 soundcloud

Summary by Bill Ryan:
'V' was contacted, through an intermediary, by a US Air Force 4 Star General. This man was in charge of Asymmetric Warfare, and was in line to be Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He was asked if he would be prepared to order troops to fire on US citizens on American soil. He refused. He was escorted from Langley under armed guard.

The man has since been harassed. He's taken key possessions from his house, and (with his wife) is now trying to leave the US. The General was scared, shaken to the core.

Here are the details of what he wanted to be widely known. His urgent message was to get out of harm's way, and even to leave the country if you can.

∙ There are soon to be a million illegals per month coming over the Mexican border, part of a 10-11     year plan.

∙ The US dollar will be undermined by the end of 2015.

∙ By 2017, no later (he said), the US will no longer exist. The US economy will be destroyed. There
will be a 'shotgun merge' of the US with Canada and Mexico.

∙ By the end of 2017, it will be announced that the US no longer exists as a functional government.

∙ Major economic upheaval will ensue.

∙ Announcements about all this have ALREADY been prepared for the mainstream media.

∙ $8 billion (at least: maybe as high as $32 billion) black ops money has been utilized to rebuild the Silk Road. This is a real highway, super-strongly built, between London and South Korea, just for commercial and military transport. It will reduce transport time to Europe from 40 days (sea) to 14 days (road).

∙ Financial control will be in the City of London, religious control in the Vatican.

∙ The DC government will be relocated to Denver.

∙ China will be the manufacturing engine of this 'new world'.

∙ Plans are ON SCHEDULE (if not slightly ahead).

∙ Drone pilot program: their star drone pilot has become very distraught, through being ordered to kill civilians. Drone programs to be run in the US are very dark: drone pilots have no connection with one another; they're not allowed ever to talk to one another. This ties into the handling of the American Civilian resistance.

∙ The General said: "There's no way to stop this. The resistance is already dead".

∙ He said most people buying firearms now are not emotionally ready to go up against trained tactical teams. They have no idea of the magnitude of professional, mercenary force that's coming against them.

∙ When they bring down the US in 2017, bioweapons will be placed in key locations in American cities. He gave this example:

If you have a 33 oz can of Folgers coffee, and you have a bio-agent in there, and you open that can in a populated area, with a very light wind, you could have 20 million dead in 3 days. He said this kind of bioagent will affect the air and water, and will have a 98% kill rate. The weapon's 'signature' will not be known: complete plausible deniability, untraceable to the real source.

∙ He said when this happens, all US passports will be canceled, and all ports and airports will be closed. Gunships will sink any small boats that attempt to leave the country by sea.

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