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In 1975, during a thunderstorm, Dannion Brinkley was talking on the telephone when a bolt of lightning hit the phone line, sending thousands of volts into his head and down through his body. Brinkley was thrown across the room, and later reported seeing his lifeless body spread prone, as his then-girlfriend found him and paramedics arrived. Obviously disoriented, in his spirit-form above the scene, he wondered what the excitement was about, since (as he put it) "Everybody was okay...." He saw auras around everybody in the room except his own body below -- a pretty big hint that he was, in fact, dead.

We discussed, not only the first event in 1975, but two more near-death experiences. During these experiences Dannion was infused with knowledge about our future and what his purpose in returning to life would be. He calls the source of this information the "Box of Knowledge". Among the visions given to him, he saw a North American Union; the militarization of our southern border; and even an implatable nanochip that would be forced on the population. This nanochip would be controlled at long distances and it could be either used for positive or negative purposes. Negative purposes could be used to release cyanide to any "undesirable" or anyone wishing to remove the chip. It can also be used to locate lost children or even military personnel captured by the enemy. It can also be used to eliminate military personnel that goes rogue. Imagine the implications.

There is no reason why so many people have to wait until they pass on to enjoy life. We are promised a paradise in heaven. We can make that heaven right here on Earth. The biggest obstacle is chronic stress. Dannion's mission, in addition to help those who are close to dying, was to put into place an environment of peace. His message is very simple. We have no idea how lucky we are to be alive and be ourselves right here and right now. -veritasradio.com
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