Jef Harvey | 4th Phase Water Healing: Living Waters! | OffPlanet Radio | Sept. 22, 2014


The assault on the human biology deepens: chemtrails, water fluoridation, GMO foods, rampant epidemic threats like Ebola, and a weakening of the Earth’s energetic grids all conspire to make us sick and shorten our lives. We need solutions:

Jef Harvey returns to discuss the healing properties of what is called “EZ (exclusion zone) Water” or fourth phase An energetically re-structured water made under a proprietary special process, which when consumed or applied topically, has a tremendous cure rate for cancers, Morgellans, diabetes, and numerous ailments; it also opens the cells to properly hydrate and purge toxins at the cellular level. The concepts of fourth phase water are explained in this YouTube video with Dr. Gerald Pollack at TEDEX:

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