Frank Joseph | Atlantis and the Coming Ice Age | FarOutRadio | Oct. 20, 2014


Over the last decade or two we have seen “Global Warming” morph into “Climate Change” and there are few other topics that are more polarizing. Supporters of Global Warming/Climate Change put down non-believers with the expression, “Climate Change Deniers.” Others say that the data does NOT support the “Global Warming/Climate Change” argument, and those that propagate this “belief” are just plain nuts!

Frank Joseph has stitched together some "inconvenient facts" that have been known about for over 45 years, with a lineage of research that goes back to 1930! Frank Joseph is with us – not as a prognosticator, but as a student of ancient history and inconvenient scientific research – the stuff that government-funded, university academic officials like to ignore.

Frank's upcoming new book, "“Atlantis and the Coming Ice Age” published by Inner Traditions. The book will be out in April 2015.
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