Roger Stone | Nixon's Secrets: Untold Truth about Watergate and the Pardon | Hour 1 | Nov. 7, 2014


November 7, 2014–Roger Stone, The New York Times bestselling author of The Man Who Killed Kennedy the Case Against LBJ, gives the inside scoop on Nixon’s rise and fall in Watergate as we discuss his latest book “Nixon’s Secrets: The Rise, Fall, and Untold Truth about the President, Watergate, and the Pardon.”

Stone was the youngest member of the Nixon staff in 1972 and worked closely with Nixon on his rehabilitation in his post-presidential years. Stone has been a Washington insider for the last 40 years and played a key role in the election of Republican presidents Nixon and Ronald Reagan. Roger argues that just as the assassination of JFK prevents a balanced analysis of Kennedy and his times, the myth of Watergate prevents a reappraisal of the 37th President.

Roger reveals how the Kennedy’s wiretapped Nixon’s hotel room and stole Nixon's medical records. He outlines how White House Counsel John Dean, planned, pushed and covered-up the Watergate break-in, then sought to avoid responsibility for it. Stone tells us about the bungled Watergate break-in to determine what exactly Nixon’s agents were looking for and how the CIA infiltrated the burglar team and sabotaged the break-in to gain leverage over Nixon.

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