New World Next Week | Cops Busted at Oakland Protest | Dec. 12, 2014


Story #1: CIA Lied to Congress, White House and Britain Over Torture
Corporate Media Comes Down With Torture Amnesia
CIA Paid Poland To Host Secret Torture Prison
NWNW Flashback: U.N. Calls On Obama To Publish Findings On Bush-Era Torture (Mar 2013)
Obama, Prince William Chat Amiably During White House Visit
UK Royalty William and Kate Meet US Royalty Jay-Z and Beyonce
On Pearl Harbor Day, US Fawns Over Royal Visit
Bush Again Repeats Clinton "Brother from Another Mother", Ads Hillary's "My Sister-in-Law"
Amnesty Int’l Accuses Israel of War Crimes, Israel Calls it ‘Hamas Propaganda’

Story #2: James Franco & Seth Rogen Create Chain of Events That Expose Hollywood
Wikipedia: 'The Interview' Film
Rogen Objected to Sony CEO Demands To Edit ‘The Interview’
Leaked Sony Emails Reveal Nasty Exchanges, Insults and Vaguely Racist Sniping
CFR Member George Clooney "Predicted" Hack; CFR Member Angelina Jolie Called "Talentless Brat"
CosbyGate Explodes: Lawsuits Allege Decades-Long Sex Crimes

Story #3: Undercover Officers in Oakland Infiltrate Protests, Accused of Inciting Looting
Undercover Cops Outed, Attacked at Oakland Protest — 1 Pulls Gun on Crowd

#NewWorldNextWeek Updates: Americans Will Spend Their Whopping $380 In "Low Gas Price Savings" On Obamacare
Why Is The US Treasury Quietly Ordering "Survival Kits" For US Bankers?
Riddles Surround 36th Dead Banker Of The Year
McDonalds Implodes, Reports Worst US Sales In Over A Decade
Media Monarchy: Interview w/ Sargon Of Akkad on #GamerGate
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