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What if these cirrus clouds we see in the sky weren't natural? What if the trails left by planes weren't only water or ice? What if the fight against global warming wasn't only using classical methods?
In 2001, a phenomenon known as chemtrails was mentioned in the Space Preservation Act, a bill by former US-Representative Dennis Kucinich, as an exotic weapon. The chemtrails have been defined as being persistent jet contrails, that would remain and cover the sky, forming a white haze or man-made clouds, instead of disappearing after a while, like regular jet trails. As a matter of fact the climatic impact of these man-made clouds produced by jet trails became a serious issue in science in the mid 90s, when the chemtrail concerns were spread. Along with the definition, came many different uses for the chemtrails and among them two main theories:

1) Military uses in order to control and change locally the weather system
2) Geoengineering uses in order to fight global warming by building a sun screen around the globe

While the phenomenon amplified through the years, the controversy and debate became proportionally bigger and tense between the chemtrails believers and the scientific and media's communities, that have been unwilling to "look into" what they often consider as a paranoiac doom's day theory.

Basing its investigation on facts, OVERCAST sheds a new light on the phenomenon, away from emotions, stubborn denials and speculations of all kinds. While the chemtrails communities cannot really present a clear and convincing proof for the chemtrail spraying for over a decade, the scientific community, as well as the media community, violently reject any possibility for "such a thing" to exist and choose the easy way of discredit to evacuate the questions raised instead of investigating a little further.

OVERCAST gives a look beyond the speculations in order to get clear facts.

Are we really being sprayed?
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