Jonas De Geer | The Destruction of Western Culture | Hour 1 | June 12, 2015


June 12, 2015–Jonas De Geer was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1971. He's a writer, publisher, radio-personality and an activist. He has been a leading personality in the opposition in Sweden since the 90’s. Jonas is with us to help make some sense of what is happening with mass immigration to Northern Europe and the US and the policies that keep these throngs of people pouring over the borders.

We discuss the unique altruistic attitudes based in freedom and democracy that are prevalent in these mainly White, Christian countries, and we question what has been reshaping public opinion about many hotly debated subjects such as gay marriage, divorce, the right to question history, and more. We point to evidence of a mainstream media agenda that is directing Western society to believe there is something wrong with wanting what is best for its own people, while an elite power structure benefits from the slow, steady erosion of American and European homelands and culture.

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