In Memory of Jef Harvey, R.I.P.

Jef Harvey on Veritas Radio | Confessions of a Former U.S. Navy Intelligence Operative, Segment 1


This is Segment 1 of 3. Segment 1 is being provided as a courtesy of VERITAS Radio.

It would be very difficult to summarize this interview as it includes a plethora of topics, ranging from Jef Harvey's experience as a former U.S. Navy Intelligence Operative. During his tenure in the military, Jef came very close to the truth. Some he cannot still mention due to his top secret clearance, but he does mention many other encounters with pedophiles within the military; multi-country submarines that seem to be guarding something of importance in the Marianas Trench.

In addition, Jef Harvey comes forward with information regarding an implant of unknown origin removed by Dr. Roger Leir. The latter was televised during an episode of UFO Hunters. Jef believes UFO Hunters is nothing but COINTELPRO and many of its cast are there with the purpose of maintaining the Status Quo and to be gatekeepers for the establishment. During the episode the producers did not mention that the implant could have been placed by the U.S. Military. Jef discusses his current work with radionics and issues recommendations of how to detoxify of all the poisons in our food, air, water, and mind. This is a 3-segment / 3-hour interview with a lot of information. You may have to listen more than once to absorb it all.

Jef Harvey is a technologist and healing arts practitioner working with emerging technologies in the healing field. Jef specializes in chronic disease reversal and accelerated deep tissue wound healing. Jef is a board certified Quorum Nutrition Consultant.

Jef spent six years in the United States Navy Electronics unit assigned to the USS John F. Kennedy CV-67 Intelligence Center. Jef worked four years in Industrial Infrared moisture detection and sampling to 6 decimal places.

Jef has actively worked 10 plus years in health research. He is highly trained in low frequency sound therapy. He works closely with various naturopathic physicians and medical doctors to provide integrative support.

Jef completed continuing education classes from the American Naturopathic Medical Association. He is highly sought out to speak on national and international radio shows about healing and detoxification. He has been interviewed by " Coast to Coast Am and many others". His You Tube videos and interviews are available to all.

Jef Harvey | 4th Phase Water Healing: Living Waters! | OffPlanet Radio | Sept. 22, 2014


The assault on the human biology deepens: chemtrails, water fluoridation, GMO foods, rampant epidemic threats like Ebola, and a weakening of the Earth’s energetic grids all conspire to make us sick and shorten our lives. We need solutions:

Jef Harvey returns to discuss the healing properties of what is called “EZ (exclusion zone) Water” or fourth phase An energetically re-structured water made under a proprietary special process, which when consumed or applied topically, has a tremendous cure rate for cancers, Morgellans, diabetes, and numerous ailments; it also opens the cells to properly hydrate and purge toxins at the cellular level.
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