Megan Elisabeth & Sinéad McCarthy | European Women Speak Out on Leftist Lies | Radio 3Fourteen

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Sinéad is a musician, independent childbirth educator, doula, and alternative health advocate. She has a bachelors in psychology, and has conducted independent studies in a number of different fields. She is founder of which offers information regarding natural undisturbed birth.

Megan is a musician, artist and writer who is concerned with finding the truth. She aims to apply what her ancestors have to teach into a present day context, and to forge a better future. Megan and Sinéad return to Radio 3Fourteen in bold fashion to continue the conversation about the current crushing immigrant invasion of European countries and the mounting war on Whites.

We begin by calling attention to the main enemy of White interests, along with the absurd double standards of ‘White privilege.’ We discuss how the radical feminist movement has managed to infiltrate and infect the traditional patriarchal values that have traditionally upheld the interests of White women and children.

Sinéad and Megan give disturbing examples of the leftist programming in universities and the mainstream media that is instructing people to excuse the rape of and violence towards White European women and children by aggressive foreign invaders. Furthers, we consider how the innate element of female guilt has been twisted into a trendy hatred towards the White populace.

Then, Sinéad talks about her recently released public service announcement, White Women Are Getting Fed Up, featuring herself, Lana and Megan, which is designed to blast apart the lie of White privilege and bring attention to the reality of White genocide. We discuss the ruin and demoralization of White folk that is occurring because White women are encouraged to breed outside of their race, and we underscore the unnatural problems created by the multicultural experiment and the special privileges afforded to the burgeoning non-White inhabitants of European countries. -Radio 3 Fourteen

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