New World Next Week | Nobel Exec Regrets Obama Peace Prize | Sept. 25, 2015


Story #1: Ex-Nobel Committee Exec Regrets Obama Peace Prize
Episode 108 – Peace Prizes for Warmongers
Corbett Report Radio 242 – The Ignoble War Prize

Story #2: Volkswagen CEO Resigns As Company Crashes Into Carbon Emissions Fraud
Here's Why Deutsche Bank Just Downgraded Volkswagen
VW Sex and Bribery Scandal: Sentences Handed Down in Corruption Affair
Volkswagen has plunged 50%. Will it ever recover?
Volkswagen shares are PLUNGING again

Story #3: #GoodNewsNextWeek - ‘Happy Birthday to You’ Finally Public Domain as Warner/Chappell Stripped of Copyright
Wikipedia - Copyright Clause
#GoodNewsNextWeek Updates: Norway Rewards Brazil With $1 Billion for Keeping the Amazon Full of Trees
Iceland’s Capital Bans All Israeli Products Over Occupation of Palestine
Up 72 Percent From Just Six Years Ago, Organic Farm Sales Soar
No “Facebook Bureau of Investigations” as Terror-Reporting Provision Dies in Senate

#NewWorldNextWeek Updates:
#PigGate Busts UK PM Cameron Putting Privates In Dead Pig’s Mouth As Cult Initiation Ritual
Revenge! Drugs, Debauchery and the Book that Lays Dave Bare
Shades of Skull & Bones: Cameron Accused of Debauched University ritual
U.S. Soldiers Told to Ignore Sexual Abuse of Boys by Afghan Allies
Vice Magazine FOIA’s Further Prove CIA Produced ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Propaganda Film
Apple's App Store Got Infected With the Same Type of Malware the CIA Developed
‘Wild West’ Culture As 60 U.S. Police Departments Asked For Drone Certification
Passports To Fly Domestically in NY, NH, Louisiana, Minnesota & American Samoa
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