Clif High | Web Bot Trends: The World in 2016 | Hour 1 | Veritas Radio


This is a 3-hour interview discussing the latest ALTA report as well as the most important events affecting humanity.

Topics discussed:
San Bernardino Attack Hegelian Dialectic returns Gun control discussion
The mainstream media as propaganda machine
Paris Attack Analysis
Vladimir Putin
Types of individuals: R or K / Stoic vs Epicurean Hyper-sexualization of the youth
The death of the US dollar empire
ISIS / ISIL / Daesh How a terrorist is created and the war machine perpetuated
History of Saudi Arabia and their role in creating terrorism via the Wahhabist virus
What killed planet Mars
Terra discussion and the possibility of Hurricane Patricia being psyop Climate Change agenda
Solar cycles
Precious metals
Yuan accepted by IMF as one of the basket reserve currencies (10.4%)
Inter-dimensional threat (TPTB are afraid of something)
Video games-military recruitment connection
Chinese uncover underground facility from an ancient culture with serious finds
Europe leaning right due to forced immigration and threatening their cultures
Reverse migration in USA due to economy and in Europe due to rise of right
TPTB goal is to eliminate nationalism and flood developed countries with migrants at an exponential level
They want Earthers
Japan leaves pacifism behind to get out of financial recession/depression (a la Margaret Thatcher) but the populace is rejecting this
Secession movements grow in the USA (Texas takes the initiative) Mutiny in the Air Force
Revolt in the Army
All due to forced immigration to the USA
Muslim population/immigrants will be relocated to the western United States
Election process in 2016 will fracture in the USA due to economy March-July 2016 hyperinflation in the USA
China will experience a large-scale UFO wave
Clif's argument against the flat earth theory
Has Clif ever seen a photograph of Earth that is not CGI?
Watch yourself - self preservation - stay healthy
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