Billy Hayes, Elana Freeland | Ex-HAARP Engineer Connects CERN, HAARP, Fracking, Wind Turbines & Space Fence | April 8, 2016


Elana Freeland comes back to The Kev Baker Show and she brings with her someone dubbed “HAARP man”, Billy Hayes, to discuss the electromagentic lockdown that is underway on planet earth. From HAARP to CERN, throw in some FRACKING & WIND TURBINES, we connect the dots to bring forward information that is critical to learn at this time.

Billy Hayes has been in high demand for years due to his knowledge, without realising the extraordinary price he has had to pay for just that expertise gained. Known as “The Haarp Man”,

Billy was a tower erector, shadowed by the US military & the defence contractors that worked for them. In this interview Billy takes us back to 1985, Sacramento, and the erection of a test antenna in the presence of one Mr Bernard Eastland, the inventor of the technology and the man behind what would become known as HAARP – High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program.

 Billy literally built HAARP, and talks about erecting the first “quad” of antenna’s at the site in Alaska. We discuss just how much he was told, and this is where we get into the compartmentalisation of this project and how this is vital to maintain secrecy on a program so classified. Elana also adds to the discussion at this point, explaining how its a “need to know” basis, and if you dont need to know, well, you dont get told.

This is how no one person can blow the whistle as to what is going on. Billy himself thought he was just building another antenna, totally oblivious to what it would become a part of. We then start to get into the science of HAAPR & ionospheric heaters.
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