Cara St. Louis | The Great Remembering & Rise of the Fae | OffPlanet TV


History, as we know it, is the product of one of the greatest frauds of all...well, TIMES. Author Cara St. Louis tracks the threads that weave a very different story. Based on the research of Silvie Ivanowa, a Slavic researcher; and Russian mathematician, Anatoly Fomenko's work in celestial data, statistical analysis of texs and a survey of dynasties, we can conclude that our present history has an INSERTED 1,000 YEAR narrative that was confabulated by overlaps, duplications, and textual manipulations.

Woven into all of this altered history is the back story of The Predator, which has kept mankind in a low state; the numerous "black ops" which gray out the sky via geoengineering projects; and the lost art of astronomy, whereby we could reckon our origins. And the revelation of the lost master race, The Phe (or Fae), which unlock the keys to an ancient war that left Earth in the throes of endless wars, famines, death, and depravity.
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