Dark Journalist | Secret Space Pirates: Corey’s Kids Inc. New Age Deep Staate | Part 3 | June 2, 2017

Source: DarkJournalist.com

Disclosure Marketing Campaign Reveals Occult Influences
In this exciting part 3 episode, Dark Journalist reveals the occult influences on huge marketing program for 'Disclosure' being engineered by Gaia TV Whistleblower Corey Goode and his business partner Roger Ramsaur, who it was revealed in part 2 has a long history of Satanic imagery in his background. Ramsaur and Goode have tried to suppress this information with threats of official action.

Note: Due to the important nature of this video and it’s many revelations, you may at your discretion download it and upload it to your channel with proper citation and share it with your viewers to make sure it is not censored.

Corey's Kids: The Secret Space Cadets
A major piece of the 3 year disclosure marketing plan devised by Corey Goode and Roger Ramsaur is the 'Corey's Kids' rollout. The plan which uses young Youtubers presented as Secret Space Program experts to help lure millennial and teen viewers into the Goode web of Blue Avian and Sphere Being Alliance merchandise like comic books, video games and SSP Gear stores. This trivialization of a major research topic in UFOlogy is something we've seen in these various initiatives. The hijacking of deep research into important themes and turn it into memes shows the profit motive involved in these activities. -DarkJournalist.com
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