Clif High | The Ever Present NOW - TIME | Part 1 & 2 | Offplanet Radio with Randy Maugans | Nov. 29, 2017


Part 1

Clif High joins us for a revealing discussion of the thing we call "time".

Drawing from an article by Dr. David Anderson of the Anderson Institute, we begin to unravel the concepts and constructs of temporality, time travel, time domains, and the effects of human consciousness. We open the discussion with Clif's analysis of the hacking of Equifax and possible effects on cryptocurrencies, software security, and the money-credit markets.

Part 2

Clif High returns for the second installment examining the mechanisms, methodologies, and meaning of TIME.

- The Kali Yuga, language shifts since the 2012 event; noted inaccuracies of models used by black ops projects "broken; and the mysteries of the hydrogen ion.
- The Little Bloop Theory (NOT the "Big Bang") of continuous creation;expansion/contraction interactions with human consciousness and physiciality.
- NASA discovers a mysterious "hiss" sound in the earth's plasma field. (The sound of the bloop).
- Universe pulses 22 trillion times/second; each "bloop" creates its own space, therefore space continually expands.
- John Chang pushes chopstick throug a solid wood table.
- Time is universally malleable; Time is locally discrete.
- Time is self-correcting in each bloop/cycle.
- Harold W. Percival (1868 - 1953)Thinking and Destiny.
- Time synchronization; anomalies, and "internal time"; uses of meditiative states and hallucinogenics to stop or change time; the perceptual "now".
- The matter/anti-matter components of the UFOs and the mind-body interface of the Roswell craft. Consciousness exists in a template that can be theorretically copied and pasted; cannot go "back" in time, due to the "ever increasing complexity" aspect of the bloop.One cannot, likewise, go "forward" because future does not yet exist....we can go 1-10 seconds "out" due to the bubbles of the bloop interacting with the now. All states of time are within the expansive NOW of perception...and more...grab a notebook and pencil.
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