Dane Wigington | The impact of Geoengineering | Austin Bennett | Jan. 23, 2018

Source: thetruthdenied.com, geoengineeringwatch.org

Austin Bennett interviews Dane Wigington on the dangers of Geoengineering Programs and issues many warnings as to what could happen if they continue these programs. At the very least, the discussion is alarming and we are headed for a planetary extinction in the near future.

Dane Wigington stresses that when it comes to 'chemtrail discussions' "We must must refer to the science terms, especially in the arena that you are in Austin."

Science terms like SRM (Solar Radiation Management, Climate Engineering, Geoengineering, Stratospheric Aerosol Injections. KNOW YOUR SCIENCE TERMS.

Chemtrails is a NON SCIENCE TERM, "and those who stick to that terminology are not helping the credibility of our cause."

Austin Bennett is running for California Senate and wants to educate on the dangers of geoengineering (aka Chemtrails).

The vast majority who are involved in these programs believe that these programs are used for the "COMMON GOOD".

Biosphere Implosion is discussed at length. The planet and climate are "horrifically damaged".
Chemical Ice Nucleation for Weather Modification, which means Engineered cool downs. Austin states that politicians are not speaking out against poisons in the atmosphere, damaging toxic sprays and he has found that representatives have no knowledge of these programs.

Dane Wigington's research has proven that we don't have long before the collapse of the biosphere.
Pass on credible data to the experts.

Why have weather men and women been 'gag ordered"? See Massive US Senate Document On National And Global Weather Modification Elevated UVC, UVB causing, these are DNA damaging bands of radiation.

Ozone in recovery? FALSE.
In 8-10 years we could experience a Total Ozone Layer Collapse
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