Peter Levenda | Starward: DeLonge, Mystic Machines, & Current Disclosure | Part 1: Magic & Mechanics | Jan. 8, 2018


So are we dealing with a true Disclosure attempt & genuine whistle-blowers or an Intel false flag op? Levenda actually had an essential role behind the scenes, and comes on to clarify the rampant doubts, confusion, & suspicions. He elaborates on the 'To The Stars' project as well as the book 'Sekret Machines' (co-authored with Tom DeLonge), taking on all critical questions head on.

In this first of our 3-part program he explains how it all begun, & we muse on the U.F.O. phenomenon from many angles, like: Are they organic, machines, or robots? Human, alien, or inter-dimensional? Did the Nazis cause the first AG crafts? ... & what say the Ancients?
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