UFO Disclosure Spectacle! Delonge & Bigelow Aerospace Vs FOIA Documents! | Dark Journalist | Jan. 26, 2018

Source: darkjournalist.com

EXAMINING THE NEW FOIA AATIP UFO DOCUMENTS! Dark Journalist & Forbidden Knowledge TV's Alexandra Bruce are joined by the Black Vault's John Greenewald to discuss the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests on the Tom Delonge/New York TImes/Robert Bigelow UFO Disclosure Spectacle and the Luis Elizondo Covert Program: Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program AATIP!

The maze of questions that surround the To The Stars Academy Corporation claims and Stock Fundraising drive are growing. In addition, Bigelow Aerospace CEO Robert Bigelow's unsubstantiated claims of of housing 'Alien Metals' is making the CIA Luis Elizondo UFO Disclosure appear more like a spectacle than a serious research effort!

They will also discuss different 'Perception Management' tactics in play around the New York Times UFO Disclosure Operation that used questionable footage and conflated totally separate events.
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