Joe Atwill | Who Owns History | Freeman TV | Feb. 3, 2018


Who owns history? Are we looking at Illuminati symbolism or Freemason symbolism. When we say "Illuminati", are we actually referring to Scottish Rite Freemasonry, the Ordo Templi Orientus, or maybe, ourselves? We know that there is a shadow power that guides humanity and writes history to forever forget their heinous acts of genocide but, we must come together on who are the Illuminati. Is it the Council on Foreign Relations or the Royal Institute of International Affairs? How much do you know about The Round Table Group? Did Freemasonry create Zionism?

As we witness the groundwork for WWIII be laid, we must understand the powers of the past and how they abused it. Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchill were all members of the same fraternity, the Freemasons, yet, we are to believe that WWII was nation versus nation? Couple that with the strange magical practices of Aleister Crowley and we have a near indescribable concoction. We are the pawns in this game and if we can't identify the villains and their tactics, they have us spinning around on a witch hunt! Should there be a DNA database to tell us, who runs the world?

Joe Atwill is a researcher and independent scholar. He is the author of Shakespeare's Secret Messiah and Caesar's Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus. His websites are and Joe also co-hosts The Secret Society Revealed, a weekly podcast that is carried on the Revolution Radio network.

Atwill presents in Caesar's Messiah, the Flavian Roman imperial family created Christianity to pacify the militaristic opposition to their rule. Even more incredibly, they placed a literary satire within the Gospels to mark their handiwork. This symbolic framework is the hidden history of Western civilization. In his follow-up book, Shakespeare's Secret Messiah, Atwill shows how this typology was understood and employed by Marlowe and Shakespeare, and what it means for the future of the Christian world.

Books by Joseph Atwill include Caesar’s Messiah, Ulysses Press 2006,the best selling work of religious history in the US in 2007. Its German translation Das Messias Ratsel, Ulstein 2008, achieved #1 Best Seller status. The German magazine Focus published a cover article of Atwill's work in Issue #52 December 25, 2008. Caesar's Messiah Flavian Signature Edition was released in 2011, followed by a documentary in 2012, also titled Caesar's Messiah. Atwill's latest book, Shakespeare's Secret Messiah, was released in 2014 with an Introduction by Jerry Russell, PhD.
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