Newsbud | China Watch with Peter Lee | China War Triple Play: Trade War, Tech War, and Boom! | May 9, 2018


America’s got a three-war solution to the problem of U.S. decline in Asia: a trade war, a tech war, and maybe a shooting war.

Now we’ve got trade war jaw jaw as the United States and the People’s Republic of China exchange demands. It’s a phony war for now: threats, posturing, media ops and, for Donald Trump at least, political jockeying in the runup to US elections in November.

Meanwhile, the United States forges ahead in the real war—the techwar with China centered on 5G wireless. Full speed ahead here; this is a war America expects to win. But if it doesn’t, Taiwan has to watch out: the Taiwan government just crossed a big red line and there’s probably no going back.

And, an important anniversary: May 7, 1999. The day things went Boom!...and Bill Clinton lost China. Yeah, you’ll get the full details at China Watch. And only at China Watch.

Show Notes:
Simon Rabinovitch twitter thread of reported US draft demands at China trade talks
T-Mobile CEO to regulators: China is beating US on fast 5G wireless but out Sprint deal can change that
US Commerce Secretary Intrigued by TMobile/ Sprint 5G pitch
MediaTek to seek ZTE export permit
The tearful origins of China’s stealth
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