Randy Maugans | Everything is an Agenda | Freeman TV | Nov. 3, 2018

Source: freemantv.com, radio.offplanetmedia.net

Can you face your dark side? Are you speaking your mind? How do we find the patience in a microaggression world? Trivial things blow up out of proportion to the life that we lead. Like Markoff Chaney of The Illuminatus! Trilogy nuanced aggravations are bringing chaos into the world and it looks bad. Imposition of order equals escalation of chaos. Can our chaos be beautiful and artistic? Everything is an agenda and we need to cut through the muck to find our true selves.

Randy Maugans is a long time radio talk show host, producer, and writer, working in the fields of religion, politics, and the paranormal.

With an early start in radio as a high school intern at a local public radio station, he has worked as both a rock radio and club DJ; produced and hosted talk radio in his native Central Pennsylvania, and appeared on short wave radio as the host of several shows on religion and politics, as well as hosting and producing the “Exotica” paranormal series for shortwave, satellite, and internet radio since 2005.

Randy’s background includes work in the music field as a performer and writer; a background in audio engineering and production; extensive work in the field of internet media production: his long-running “Threshing Floor” show has had a continuous web presence since 2003— before the era of what is now called podcasting on the web.

His technology background includes work as software training consultant, programmer, web designer, and work in corporate technology sales and consulting.

An interest in the esoteric, paranormal and occult stems from early life experiences, which fueled his quest to understand the complex issues of the phenomena of UFOS and ETS, as well as exploring the black operations, mind control programs, and esoteric arts behind a global conspiracy of soul harvesting.

His training in Christian ministry has transitioned into a spiritual approach to the supernatural, paranormal and covert operations; and in 2009 he created OffPlanet Radio to expand the scope of his research and presentation.

While maintaining a journalistic approach that allows for a wide range of views to be explored in an objective manner, OffPlanet Radio does have an agenda: to expose the works of darkness and deception, and provide a presence for exploring authentic spirituality and healing.
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