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Tonight, we explore extraterrestrial encounters and paranormal experiences from witnesses in the little-explored area of the Philippines. Not every haunting, abduction, or sighting happens in rural areas of the United States. It happens all over the world. We go to Asia this time. Among many cases, we'll discuss one family's struggles with a haunted home and the tragedies that followed. Although an Asian country as it is centered in the Pacific, the Philippines was a Spanish colony for over 400 years and then was a Japanese-occupied territory.

Due to this prolonged European influence, it is unique among Pacific destinations as a Eurasian culture. It is usually portrayed as an idyllic destination for both adventurers, hikers and beach-goers who are after an exotic tropical sojourn, however the Philippines had a violent past due to its involvement in World War II, and its oft-visited skies exude evidence of extra-terrestrial visitations.

Our discussion will explore the stories and the aftermath of violence on the victims who passed tragically and the malevolent spirits that visit the regions where violence had repeatedly occurred. Join us, as we explore the possibility of the existence of nature spirits and the notion that there are realities that surpass the imagination whose origins remain unexplored.

Adele starred as "Elisa Simon" in episode two of the pilot, "UFOs Over Earth" while she was a field investigator for MUFON. Her personal experiences with the bizarre has led to a lifetime quest investigating sightings and paranormal events thru eyewitness reports. Adele is a screenwriter of science fiction and horror with over 11 screenplays which have placed in competitions in the United States. She has adapted for the screen, books by Philip Mantle and Paul Stonehill, who are prominent investigators and authors in the field of UFOlogy.

Anna has been a guest on UFO Topic with Rick Scouler, Arcane Radio with Lon Strickler, ParanormalUK Radio's Outer Limits with Chris Evers, NightDreams Talk Radio with Gary Anderson, The Paracast with Gene Steinberg, David Young's Paranormal Dimensions show, The Unexplained with Howard Hughes in London, Late Night in the Midlands with Mike Vara, Midnight in the Desert with Dave Schrader, Mysteries and Monsters with Paul Bestall, and many more upcoming shows.

"Portal: A Lifetime of Paranormal Experiences" is her first book - a compilation of eyewitness accounts and her own personal encounters with the unknown and terrifying. Adele Casales Rocha is a trained therapist and amateur travel photographer. She can be reached by email at or by following her on Facebook or Instagram. She welcomes your true accounts. If your story is accepted in her next compilation, a free book will be mailed to you signed by the author.
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