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Tom Campbell | Primal Female: Out of the Cave and Into the Workplace | June 27, 2024


Among many other applications to modern society, Tom’s next book Primal Male Primal Female will present his theory of early mankind’s hardwired instincts, those of procreation and survival, the necessity of the woman’s place in that time, and how we now need to acknowledge and more wholly integrate the valuable perspectives, intuition, and qualities of the female in the workplace today for optimal productivity and efficiency.

In this interview, Tom answers a question from a Patreon supporter and professional woman who dealt with the skepticism of her male co-workers, and the prejudices against her and other women in a traditionally male dominated profession.

Tom Campbell | "Proof" of Experiences in the Larger Reality | June 24, 2024


The "proof" is in the pudding, but how does "proof" of the out of body state (some call this Astral Projection) experience* become real enough to remove all doubt for the explorer and overcome limiting beliefs?

Tom Campbell | Special Energy Places | June 18, 2024


Are there places where the type of "energy" that surrounds them is such that it can facilitate a shift in consciousness to give one a data stream to the larger reality? A shift of awareness such as an Out of Body Experience?

Tom Campbell | The Value of Punishment in Teaching or Raising Children | May 1, 2024


Tom and Erik discuss whether there is a place for punishment in teaching or raising children in a low-entropy, functional way, and to what extent, and in what ways and situations it should be applied.

Tom Campbell | Time Loops in Virtual Realities | Apr. 24, 2024


From one of our Patreon Q & A sessions.
Is time continuous or granular in the larger reality?

Tom Campbell | Ways to Access Our True Self | Mar. 25, 2024


The topics discussed are:
Accessing being level existence, fear and ego, reaching maximum pain before change happens, dark night of the soul, accepting who you are, ready to grow.

They LIED About The Great Pyramid For THOUSANDS of Years: Physicist Tom Campbell EXPOSES the Truth!

Source: Your Superior Self youtube,

Join us for an exhilarating journey into the depths of history and consciousness as we sit down with Tom Campbell, a trailblazing physicist with a passion for unlocking the secrets of our universe.

With a stellar background in physics and mathematics, Tom Campbell has dedicated over 50 years to pioneering scientific research into altered states of consciousness. His illustrious career spans various realms, from technology development to complex-system risk analysis for both government agencies and private industries. With a Ph.D. in nuclear physics from the University of Virginia, Tom's expertise has been instrumental in shaping our understanding of the world around us.

Delve into the groundbreaking scientific model known as My Big TOE (Theory Of Everything). Tom Campbell's profound insights have led him to propose a revolutionary idea: that consciousness itself is the bedrock of reality, challenging conventional notions of materialism and offering a new paradigm for understanding existence.

In this captivating conversation, Tom Campbell explores one of the greatest enigmas of human history: the construction of the Great Pyramids. Drawing upon his multidisciplinary expertise, Tom delves into the intricate interplay between ancient civilizations, consciousness, and the fabric of reality itself. Could there be more to the story than meets the eye? Join us as we unravel the mysteries of the past and glimpse into the infinite possibilities of the future.

00:00 Intro
01:32 Experiencing Beings as a Child
03:16 Where do you go when answering questions?
05:21 Why is hard for us to pull from the database?
08:44 How are you pulling from the database?
10:16 Pulling data out of the database about the Pyramids?
14:50 Built with the help of advanced civilization?
18:34 Other forces
19:56 Existing explanations of physical force
20:30 Who was the other force that helped us?
21:52 The written record of history
28:08 The Akashic Records
30:06 Is the Great Pyramid helping us evolve?
31:24 The LCS built The Great Pyramid
32:17 Why would the LCS put this into our reality?
33:22 Wake Up Calls! Paranormal Activity
35:00 Reason behind All Paranormal Activity
36:30 Physicalism
37:54 The Trinity UFO Crash- Interdimensional or Extraterritisal?
41:10 E.T.'s
43:01 Meaning of Dimensions
46:25 Physical Reality is NOT Physical
50:05 Theosophists
51:55 Crop circles
54:08 Remote Viewing
59:00 Omega Point
01:01:59 How can you tell this is a Virtual Reality
01:07:18 Single Player game vs Multi-player game?
01:12:41 What happens when we die?
01:19:03 Humanity in 2300
01:26:26 As you evolve, how does your reality change?
01:34:18 How do you connect at the being level?
01:38:00 Where to find Tom's new video on an overview of his theory.

Tom Campbell | Transitions Between Lives | Mar. 10, 2024


Tom is asked about some of the details of the transition process that occurs between incarnations here.

Tom Campbell | What is Consciousness? with Into the Matrix | March 1, 2024



Timo and Tom discuss consciousness, remote viewing and much more!  
Timo is part of Controlled Remote Viewing, a professional group of remote viewers in Germany. 

What is consciousness? And what role does the physical world play in our development? 

What happens during remote viewing? We have the honor of discussing these and many other highly interesting questions with physicist and consciousness researcher Thomas Campbell. Enjoy watching.

Tom Campbell | Unconditional Love and Relationships | Feb. 12, 2024


Tom and Erik discuss how the attitude/quality of unconditional love goes together with the importance and practicality of establishing conditions and boundaries in relationships.

Stepping Out of the Matrix with Dr. Tevin Naidu and Tom Campbell | Feb. 9, 2024


In this episode of Mind-Body Solution, Tevin and Tom go on a mind-expanding journey through altered states of consciousness. Tom Campbell, a seasoned physicist who has ventured into the fascinating realm of an consciousness & virtual realty, had a career spanning over half a century and continuing, and has masterfully fused his scientific expertise with an insatiable quest for understanding the fundamental nature of reality.

In this enlightening conversation, Tevin and Tom delve deep into the logical consequences of consciousness as the bedrock of existence and explore thought-provoking topics such as out-of-body experiences, remote viewing, and the influence of conscious intent on the physical world.ūüĆü

ūüēí What to Expect:

00:00 Introduction
00:31 Summary of Tom's Theory of Everything (TOE)
14:00 Logical Consequences of Consciousness as Fundamental
22:29 Reincarnation
44:09 Reaching Your Highest Evolutionary State (Lowest Entropic State)
53:40 Near Death Experiences (NDEs)
1:03:50 Accessing Information in the Data Base of Reality
1:24:55 Psychic Mediums & Telepathy ("Paranormal")
1:47:15 Déjà vu Explained
1:53:21 Out of Body Experiences (OBEs) & Remote Viewing
2:02:54 Testing OBEs with The Monroe Institute
2:29:25 Tom's next book ("Primal Man, Primal Woman")
2:35:35 From Materialism to Idealism via Transcendental Meditation
2:45:59 Developing Binaural Beats with Bob Monroe & Dennis Mennerich
2:52:52 Binaural Beats & Base Frequencies
3:00:00 Recap and Plans for Round 3
3:14:40 Conclusion

Dr. Tevin Naidu and Tom Campbell | Is Reality A Simulation? | Feb. 1, 2024


Join them as they unravel the mysteries of existence, bridging the gap between consciousness and matter. With academic qualifications in mathematics and nuclear physics, Thomas's insights are nothing short of captivating. 
In this episode of Mind-Body Solution, we dive deep into the enigma of whether our reality is a mere simulation. Thomas introduces us to his Unified Theory of Everything, illuminating the intricate connection between consciousness and the physical world.

What to expect:

0:00 Introduction
0:30 The Profound Connection Between Matter, Information, and Consciousness
8:35 Unveiling the Dogmatism of Materialism
26:17 Consciousness as the Fundamental Essence, Reality as a Simulation
33:00 Navigating Tom's Theory of Everything
50:19 This Virtual Reality Exists in the Minds of Its Players
1:05:15 Realism vs. Idealism
1:06:52 Why Does the Universe Exist?
1:18:10 The Driving Force of Progress: Cooperation
1:31:55 Tom's Work as a Basis for Belief in "God"
1:42:00 Exploring the Reactions of Fellow Scientists to Tom's Profound Work
1:46:20 Bernardo Kastrup and Donald Hoffman
2:01:43 Is This Virtual Reality Expanding Beyond Our Perception?
2:13:35 A Healthy Mind for a Healthy Body
2:28:51 What Lies Beyond Death?
2:38:00 Mysteries of Accessing Metaphysical Information
2:51:04 Metavirtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and the Realm of Conscious Computers
3:03:50 The Fermi Paradox
3:18:41 Thomas Campbell's Arsenal of Tools for Exploring Reality
3:24:23 Conclusion

Tom Campbell | Developing a Healthy Relationship with the Intellect | Jan. 29, 2024


Tom and Erik talk about outgrowing compulsive thought, developing a healthy and balanced relationship with thoughts and the intellect, and the vital role that that plays in our overall consciousness evolution.

Tom Campbell | "Transcend the Boundaries of Your Perceived Reality" | Jan. 23, 2024

Source: Tom Campbell youtube,

Trey Downes of Your Superior Self Podcast dives deep into human consciousness with Tom Campbell, physicist, and drug-free pioneer of consciousness exploration that began formally with Robert A Monroe.

Tom brings another perspective to Trey's search for the many ways we can access our natural abilities to explore consciousness.

Tom Campbell | Handling Our Instincts | Sept. 17, 2023


Tom Campbell | Getting Angry is a Choice | Sept. 11, 2023


Anger comes from insecurity, of judging people and things, wishing them to be different from how they are.

Tom Campbell | Lucid Dreaming Explained | Sept. 5, 2023


Tom Campbell | Virtual Realities: Origin and Purpose | Aug. 30, 2023


A short summation of virtual realities, a proposed origin, and why they were needed. 

 The Origins of Consciousness full video 2017: 

Tom Campbell | What Happens When We Die | Aug. 24, 2023


Tom is asked what happens after we die? So he details the whole death process including the transition virtual reality, what happens to the avatar, the free will awareness units, and the individuated unit of consciousness.

Tom Campbell | Concerns Over AI | Aug. 16, 2023


With much debate in the news about AI pros and cons, this discussion addresses the fears around this topic.
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