Bases 13 | John Urwin, Part 1, February 19, 2012


February 19, 2012–Revisting John Urwin in 2012, BASES 13 details John's recollection of how he was recruited into an Elite British Military Force called The 16, in 1958. As the interview progressed John recalls more information than ever before about, what is now POSSIBLY a Non Human British Military Officer.
The use of huge flying discs at Jareba in 1959, between Israel and Syria (Take off all maps since), and mysterious Ancinet Alien or Human crystal technology, for Energy Weapons and Dimensional gateways. In this early release, Part 1, John describes in detail his recruitment to the 16, and One Step Beyond........ Death itself.

He desribes how the Egyptian elite force the 777s asked him back to Cairo, to honour him, after they read his book, One Step Beyond... The 16, and his account of his operations in Cairo in 1958 and 59.
Part 2 to follow in 2 weeks ~Miles Johnston
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