The Asia-Pacific Perspective | Drowning in Debt, Pipeline Violence, Fire Ice Japan, March 31, 2013


James Corbett of and Broc West of are pleased to bring you the latest edition of their monthly video series, "The Asia-Pacific Perspective." In this episode, we cover:

Story 1:
Australian Govt. to leave public in $165b worth of debt in this term alone
Julia Gillard makes no promises to leave superannuation untouched
Rudd, Gillard and the impossible politics of Australian leadership

Story 2:
Trans-Myanmar pipeline to give China a strategic boost
Aung San Suu Kyi's "Saffron Monks" stalk streets with machete's - mass slaughtering refugees
Politics in Myanmar remain murky
A war of many interests in Myanmar
Myanmar (Burma) "Pro-Democracy" Movement a Creation of Wall Street & London

Story 3:
Japan: On the cusp of energy independence?
Does Japan's recent discovery change the global energy game?
TPP could see Japan being fooled again by U.S. political hoodwinking
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