Jay Weidner | Psychopaths & Archons Run The World!!! | The Gnostics Warned Us 2000 Years Ago! | FarOutRadio

Source: FarOutRadio.com, jayweidner.com, sacredmysteries.com

Jay Weidner has been at the leading edge of getting the word out about the epidemic of psychopaths in our modern world. Psychopaths tend to be extremely smart and excel in the areas of business and enterprises with large organizations, such as large corporations, the military, the arena of politics, large medical establishments, and organized religion. They are masters at blending into situations, have little to no empathy (aside for themselves), and DO NOT think like “normal” people with a conscience. This makes them potentially very dangerous and difficult to identify.

We also got into Jay’s research of the Nag Hammadi Gnostic texts, written by the Gnostics, forewarning us of a race of ETs that have invaded this planet, and they are called ARCHONS. Are they still here today? (YES!) And how do they manifest? Jay Weidner and others have concluded that today they are called psychopaths.

This is an important area of study because unless you can recognize the common traits of psychopaths, you will forever be an easy mark for them. They are indeed, the wolves in sheep’s clothing. -FarOutRadio.com
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