Tobias Churton | Invisibles, Conspiracy & the Children of Father CRC | Part 1 of 2


What happened in the early 1600s to explain the R+C furor? What was the manifestos, what did they say, who was behind them & what did they lead to?

World leading scholar on Esoterica, Tobias Churton, sets the record straight so we can understand the important backdrop to the Shakespeare-Oak Island riddle. He accounts for everything Rosicrucian (incl Tubingen circle, Paracelsus, J. Dee, J.V. Andrea, T. Hess, F. Bacon, King James, etc) and also lets us know his experience at Oxford University, the Exeter program for Esoteric studies, & some of his previous work... and he relates research into sexual aspects of ancient Gnostic teachings.
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