Richard Dolan Show | AATIP or AAWSAP? | Apr. 30, 2018


The first hour is concerned with recent claims that the Pentagon's UFO program known as Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) may in fact have gone under another name as well: Advanced Aerospace Weapons Systems Application Program (AAWSAP).

It seems the study of UFOs is nothing without some controversy. Richard interviews two guests, first Chase Kloetzke, who has interviewed Luis Elizondo twice and provides her insights.

Second, he interviews Australian researcher Paul Dean, who has concluded that AAWSAP is indeed related to AATIP. During the second half of the program, Richard discusses the implications of these developments as well as examining some darker implications of the strange phenomena of our world, drawing mainly from research of David Paulides and Whitley Strieber.
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