Dr. Raven Nabulsi & Dr. Steven Greer | Report on the CSETI UK Crop Circle Tour, August 12, 2011

Source: worldpuja.org, CSETI.org, DisclosureProject.org

World Puja Network Show - August 12, 2011

- Conversations with Dr. Steven Greer -

"Experiences from Wiltshire, England - July 2011"
- Report on the CSETI UK Crop Circle Tour -
Guest: Dr. Raven Nabulsi

Dr. Greer has taken many groups through the magical crop circles and this year is no exception.

Dr. Greer and Raven Nabulsi will describe the experiences the group had this year in the crop circles themselves, Stonehenge, Woodhenge and field work on a huge tract of private land in crop circle country. Those you have been following the descriptions from the trainings know that in each training there are new and intriguing ways in which the ETs communicate.
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