New World Next Week | Soros Signals Shift as EU Op Wraps Up | Aug. 18, 2023


Story #1: Soros To End 'Most EU Operations' In 'Radical Shift'

Joseph P. Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | Aug. 17, 2023


By now you've probably heard there's a lot to question in the narrative being promoted about the Maui fire, not the least because it appears that "they" are having difficulty cobbling together a narrative... That said, there's a few very odd, very serious "coincidences" to question in this "coincidence theory":

Truthstream Media | Now Corporations Want to Hack Our Dreams | Aug. 17, 2023


Corpos are using 'Targeted Dream Incubation' methods still under development (yep) to inject ads into people's dreams before researchers even fully understand the ramifications of what it can do.

Tom Campbell | Concerns Over AI | Aug. 16, 2023


With much debate in the news about AI pros and cons, this discussion addresses the fears around this topic.

Consciousness and Parenting with Renata and guest Tom Campbell | Aug. 15, 2023



Renata: "I would have never expected to discuss consciousness with a physicist! Thomas Campbell, physicist, consciousness researcher and author of the My Big TOE trilogy Together we try to reconcile the science and awareness, physics and mind, purpose and meaning, life and parenting. The entirety of human experience (mind, body, and spirit) can be explored through our personal virtual reality bubble that each of us is living in.

If you have an interest in the nature of the reality in which we all live, this conversation is for you. You will learn about your own potential that reaches far beyond the physical capacities that our bodies provide. Thomas delivers straightforward science that demystifies awareness.

Oh, and parenting? Well, Thomas nourishes our conversation with the most kind, warm and empathetic insights into the relationships we have with our children and how it shapes, again, the perception of reality we live in".

The Human Future: A Case for Optimism | Aug. 15, 2023

Source: melodysheep youtube 

Change is coming. Humanity is entering a turbulent new era, unprecedented in both Earth and Human history. To survive the coming centuries and fulfill our potential as a species, we will have to overcome the biggest challenges we have ever faced, from extreme climate change, to rogue A.I., to the inevitable death of the sun itself.

The headlines make our chances look bleak. But when you look at our history and our tenacity, it's clear that humanity is uniquely empowered to rise to the challenges we face.

If we succeed, our potential is cosmic in scale. Incredible prosperity is within our reach. Being optimistic is not only justified, it's a powerful weapon in the fight for a higher future.

James Fox on Current UFO Events & Dean Alioto | Aug. 15, 2023

Source: Podcast UFO Live

The first half of the show is with James Fox on what he has been up to as well as his thoughts on current UFO/UAP events, then Dean Alioto on the second half of the show to check in and discuss what is going on with his UAP/UFO/Experiencer filmmaking and more.

JAMES FOX BIO: For 27 years, James Fox traveled across the world in pursuit of the truth regarding UFOs. He directed and produced five films on the subject, “Out of the Blue, (2003); “I Know What I Saw” & Director’s Cut Edition, (2009); “The Phenomenon”, (2020) and “Moment of Contact”, (2022)“. In 2007 orchestrated an event, with help from journalist Leslie Kean (Coalition for Freedom of Information), which to this day is hailed as the most credible civilian effort of disclosure on UFOs in history.

His last film The Phenomenon was a worldwide hit and became a hot news story event due to former minority senate leader, Harry Reid, who stated in Fox’s documentary that “Most of it (UFO evidence) hasn’t seen the light of day.” For his latest film, Moment of Contact, Fox goes where’s he’ never gone before in the phenomenon — reporting on recovered aliens. Taking place in Varginha Brazil in 1996, Fox uncovers new witnesses and reveals information on a cover up that has not seen the light on day for 26 years.

DEAN ALIOTO BIO: Dean Alioto has a premium 3-part limited science series coming out next year that looks at the UFO/alien phenomenon from an entirely new point of view. It features top Harvard, Oxford, and NASA scientist and features several new therories and experiencer evidence. In addition, Dean has a feature film documentary also coming out next year featuring new alien experiencers and well known experts in the field of alien abductions. Dean’s previous work includes the enigmatic alien abduction movie The McPherson tape, as well as the Paramount TV remake, Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County. He has appeared on Paramount +, Fox, and on the BBC. Dean also consulted on the James Fox feature doc The Phenomenon.

Andrei Martyanov | On The Road 1 | Aug. 16, 2023


Black Sea Fish Barrel. Technological domination.

The Corbett Report | The Dutch School of Understanding - #SolutionsWatch | Aug. 15, 2023


Tjeerd Andringa joins James on #SolutionsWatch to discuss his cancellation from his former position at the University of Groningen and, more importantly, how that prompted him to create the School of Understanding. Designed as a small-scale, decentralized, effective, and cheap solution to the problems of our current schooling, the School of Understanding that Andringa is creating promises to serve as a model for an alternative post-secondary education system.

Show Notes:

Redacted with Clayton Morris | Mark Milley tries to DESTROY David Grusch's testimony on UFO's | Aug. 13, 2023

Source: Redacted youtube

Redice TV | Elon Suing CCDH, Anti-Whites Exposed, State Violence Overreach Against Undesirables | Aug. 11, 2023


Henrik and Lana cover some of the latest news in Flashback Friday this August 11, 2023.

Suspicious0bservers | The Great Disaster Coming | From The Experts, Evidence and More | Aug. 13, 2023


Tom Campbell | Dealing With Negative Beings | Aug. 14, 2023


Within the workplace and in life situations, how do we best deal with the negativity from others?

MBT is all about you and your own experience. Learning to navigate in consciousness is a natural ability you can develop because you are a part of the larger consciousness system (Some call God) and your choices actually help you and it evolve in a more positive direction.

Dark Journalist | X Election 2024 CIA UFO Threat Psyop | Aug. 11, 2023



Please join Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt as he goes deep on the collapse of the CIA UFO Threat narrative with the revelation that their Intel 'whistleblower' had undisclosed detention in psychiatric facilities. DJ connects the dots on how this false Deep State disclosure push is the opposite of the real UFO File. He also shows how the 2024 Presidential Election will be a showdown of President Trump and RFK Jr. vs. the Biden Regime with Continuity of Government lurking and looking to seize Emergency Powers.
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