The Corbett Report | The First Annual REAL Fake News Awards | Feb. 2, 2018


You've seen the GOP's version, but now it's time for the REAL fake news awards. Join James for this special edition of The Corbett Report where he hands out dinos to some of the biggest propoganda poisoners and fake news stinkers of 2017!

Fake Eco-scare of the Year Award goes to National Geographic for “Heart-Wrenching Video Shows Starving Polar Bear on Iceless Land

The Award for Fakest Fake Interview to Ever Be Faked goes to CNN for “Bana Alabed’s full interview on Syrian attack” (April 5, 2017)

Fake UFO Story of the Year Award goes to The New York Times for “Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’: The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O. Program

The Award for Worst Piece of Fake News Propounded by “Independent” Media goes to the thounsands of people on Twitter who retweeted The Neverending Stupid Fake Pentagon GIF!

The Award for Fakest Russian Fake News Tracking Service goes to Hamilton 68.

And the winner of The Fakest Fake News Story of 2017 goes to The Guardian for “How Syria’s White Helmets became victims of an online propaganda machine

Show Notes and MP3

Dr. Richard Alan Miller | "Reality Is Something That Can't Be Known, It Can Only Be Experienced." | Feb. 1, 2018


Dane Wigington | Damning Admissions From Weathermen And A Geoengineer | Feb. 1, 2018


When weathermen admit the military is spraying materials into our skies, and climate engineers state their operations could kill tens of thousands, will the public wake up and pay attention?
-Dane Wigington

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | Feb. 2, 2018


Description: State of the union discrepancies and congressional train crashes and COG facilities...oh my!

New World Next Week | Community Internet is Cheaper, Faster, Better | Jan. 31, 2018


Story #1: Massive GPS Blackouts In Western US During Largest Ever Air War Drill
Kurt Nimmo: “Might not want to fly or depend on GPS for travel over the next few weeks if you live in western US. We are expected to sacrifice during war.”
Crashes of Convenience: KAL 007
Tokyo Holds "First Ever" Missile Attack Drills
US Reveals Hawaii Employee Who Sent False Missile Alert "Thought Actual Attack Was Imminent"
Hawaii Officials Resign Over False Missile Alert, Employee Who “Pushed the Wrong Button” Fired
Las Vegas Update: Irregularities Cause Story Behind Massacre To Stink To High Heaven
ICE to Start Tracking License Plates Across America - Illegal Immigrant Or Not

Story #2: Artificial Intelligence In The Court - When Algorithms Rule On Jail Time
A 1x1 Tracking Pixel Used As Evidence of Treason Against 30,000 Turks, Tens of Thousands Sent to Jail
NWNW Flashback: How Courts Are Putting Brains—Not People—on Trial (Dec. 7, 2017)

Story #3: Harvard Study Shows Community-Owned ISPs Offer Lower, More Transparent Prices
PDF: “Community-Owned Fiber Networks: Value Leaders in America”
More Than 750 Communities Have Created Internet Networks
#GoodNewsNextWeek: Building Community By Building Local Internet

Dr. Lori Handrahan | America's Traffic in Child Pornography | Jan. 31, 2018


Dr. Lori Handrahan discusses her research into rampant pedophilia that her new book, "Epidemic: America’s Trade in Child Rape", documents in detail.

She analyzes pedophilia, not as a sexual orientation, or as an act of “attraction” to children, but as violent abuse and sadism, often ending in death, that meets the Convention Against Torture definition.

Discussed is the lack of comprehensive data collection on arrests of pedophiles in a fast growing crime wave about which little is known; the easy profit-model of child rape; online networks; the proliferation of servers, websites, pictures and videos; the traffic in infants and toddlers; professions that act as magnets for pedophiles; attempts to define pedophilia as a disability rather than a violent crime; the massive amount of child porn on computers in all government agencies; the powerful as perpetrators.

Clif High | Antarctica Unveiled | Part 1 | Jan. 26, 2018


We welcome the web bot guru to explore the obscurity that is Antarctica. In this 3-part show we deal with everything - some issues touched in Part 1: Why did Clif take interest in this mystery? What say web-bot about it? What happened there in the late 90ies? Why was it promoted for tourism after that?

What's the large magnetic anomaly under the ice? Why's all satellite images censored & manipulated? What did Russians find in Lake Vostok? Are there really hot zones? Was there a nuclear meltdown in the 70ies? Where was Atlantis? Was Admiral Byrd right? What say the Ancients? What happens if the ice melts? And learn how Earth grows...

F. William Engdahl | "Israel, Syria, Migrant Crisis & WW3" | Jan. 26, 2018


Special guest F. William Engdahl joins me to discuss: new pentagon national security program, China, Russia, crypt-currencies, Austria's Kurz, what is really going on in Syria?, Netanyahu's oil agenda in the Golan Heights, latest on Trump and Davos, the latest from Kiev and MUCH more!

F. William Engdahl is strategic risk consultant and lecturer, he holds a degree in politics from Princeton University and is a best-selling author on oil and geopolitics, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.  (Turn UP the volumes on both your computer and youtube video)

UFO Disclosure Spectacle! Delonge & Bigelow Aerospace Vs FOIA Documents! | Dark Journalist | Jan. 26, 2018


EXAMINING THE NEW FOIA AATIP UFO DOCUMENTS! Dark Journalist & Forbidden Knowledge TV's Alexandra Bruce are joined by the Black Vault's John Greenewald to discuss the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests on the Tom Delonge/New York TImes/Robert Bigelow UFO Disclosure Spectacle and the Luis Elizondo Covert Program: Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program AATIP!

The maze of questions that surround the To The Stars Academy Corporation claims and Stock Fundraising drive are growing. In addition, Bigelow Aerospace CEO Robert Bigelow's unsubstantiated claims of of housing 'Alien Metals' is making the CIA Luis Elizondo UFO Disclosure appear more like a spectacle than a serious research effort!

They will also discuss different 'Perception Management' tactics in play around the New York Times UFO Disclosure Operation that used questionable footage and conflated totally separate events.

Max Igan on The Jordan Maxwell Show | Jan. 26, 2018


Max Igan on The Jordan Maxwell Show - Jan. 26th, 2018.
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