BFP Roundtable - Pilot Episode, November 30, 2013


Peter B. Collins, Sibel Edmonds and James Corbett of present the latest BFP series, the BFP Roundtable. In this pilot edition of the series the panel discusses the latest "reporting" on Guantanamo by 60 Minutes, the truth about the Iranian nuclear deal, and the importance of open source journalism. Stay tuned to for future editions of this series.

Sources cited:
How Many Secret Files Did Snowden Get?
Processing Distortion: "Lara Logan Isn't the Only Problem at 60 Minutes"
Talking Turkey & The Possible Machiavellian Angle in the Latest Developments on Iran
Open Source Journalism

Secret Structures on the Moon - Sgt. Karl Wolfe, US Air Force / Disclosure Project Testimony Archive


Karl Wolfe was in the Air Force for 4 and a half years beginning in January 1964. He had a top secret crypto clearance and worked with the tactical air command at Langley AFB in Virginia. While working at a NSA facility he was shown photographs taken by the Lunar Orbiter of the moon that showed detailed artificial structures. These photos were taken prior to the Apollo landing in 1969.

The NASA Conspiracy - Donna Hare, NASA contractor / Disclosure Project Witness Testimony Archive


Donna Hare had a secret clearance while working for NASA contractor, Philco Ford. She testifies that she was shown a photo of a picture with a distinct UFO. Her colleague explained that it was his job to airbrush such evidence of UFOs out of photographs before they were released to the public. She also heard information from other Johnson Space Center employees that some astronauts had seen extraterrestrial craft and that when some of them wanted to speak out about this, they were threatened.

Brazil's UFO Files - Your Need to Know, November 29, 2013

Source: Open Minds Production youtube

The government of Brazil has openly acknowledged the topic since the 1950's and has released a number of UFO files from their investigations. From 1969 up until 1972 Brazil had an official UFO research organization called The System for the Investigation of Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (SIOANI). It'd investigation were open to the public, and they would often work with civilian UFO researchers. However, when the US closed their UFO investigation program, Project Blue Book, the Brazilians soon followed their lead and closed SOIANI in 1972. Source:

In September 1977, something amazing appears in the night sky over the Brazilian island of Colares in the Amazon delta--a luminous object hovering about 15 feet over the water. For nearly two months, strange flying objects visit the island--some big, some small, saucer-shaped, cigar-shaped, some luminous and some not.

Witnesses report they felt as if blood had been sucked from them by the strange rays. More than 30 residents suffer puncture wounds or burns after their encounters. Two islanders reportedly die from their injuries. The Brazilian Air Force sends a task force to the island for three months and it returns with 300 night photos and several motion picture reels.

Though a 500-page report is compiled, along with a catalogue of the sightings, maps, and interview transcripts, it's kept from the public. Then, in May 2005, a few of the details are released, but many questions go unanswered. In this unique hour, we examine these mysterious happenings in depth.

James Corbett | Open Source Journalism, November 29, 2013


James Corbett presents "From Gutenberg to YouTube: the open sourcing of journalism." This lecture was delivered at the fOSSa 2013 conference in Lille, France on November 21, 2013.
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New World Next Week | Rice Smackdown, Sriracha Shutdown, Pizza Throwdown, November 28, 2013


Story #1: Japan Dismantles Rice Subsidies

Monsanto, the TPP, and Global Food Dominance

Story #2: Sriracha Shutdown! Factory Ordered To Suspend Production

California City Sues Sriracha Factory Over Stench

I See Your Sriracha, And Raise You Secret Aardvark

Made In Portland: Habanero Hot Sauce By Secret Aardvark

Story #3: Indiana Pizza Hut Manager Fired After Refusing To Open On Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, Let's Celebrate AgriCULTURE, Not AgriBUSINESS

Giving Thanks To Our Food Workers

Locally-Sourced Thanksgiving Meal Easy To Gobble

Andreas Bachmair | Unvaccinated Children Healthier, November 27, 2013


November 27, 2013–Andreas Bachmair is a German homeopath who lives in Switzerland. Because he saw more and more vaccine damaged patients in his practice he started the website to inform people about the dangers of vaccinations. The website was translated into English under the name of

He authored the book Vaccine Free - 111 stories of unvaccinated children. Andreas conducted a thorough and comprehensive scientific survey on the state of health of unvaccinated children. More than 17,500 participants from all over the world participated. In this program, we discuss the results of the survey and how it was conducted. One of the biggest dangers with vaccines is the ingredients aluminum and mercury.

There is a host of issues that have been attributed to vaccines, for example, behavioral problems, neurological disease, autoimmune diseases, autism and narcolepsy. Andreas will discuss homeopathic therapy of vaccine damages and vaccine injuries. In the second hour, Andreas tells more about the strange traits of tetanus and the claims that we need a tetanus shot after suffering an open wound.
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Max Igan | Whats The Problem? | Surviving the Matrix, November 27, 2013


Surviving the Matrix - Episode 1 - The Peoples Voice TV.

Skip Atwater & Joe McMoneagle | TMI & The Future of Remote Viewing Practicum


Joe McMoneagle is familiar to TMI's Gateway Voyage® grads for his provocative evening talks. To the world he's known as one of the U.S. Army's premier remote viewers. In fact, back in the 1970s when Skip Atwater headed up the Stargate Project it was he who recruited Joe.

Skip, former president of The Monroe Institute, and Joe sat down together in December of 2012. They discussed their shared history, their views on TMI, and the future of the Remote Viewing Practicum. This is one conversation not to be missed.

Dr. Zohara Hieronimus interviewed by Lotus Guide

Source: LotusGuide youtube,

Dr. Zohara Hieronimus is the author of The Future of Human Experience. For far too long we have predicted our future based on our past experiences, but now we are fast approaching a challenging future, one that will require a new level of awareness that will prepare us for a reality that has little to do with our historic ways of problem solving.

This interview addresses our complex world by simply looking at it from many different perspectives. Zohara's research is the culmination of decades of research and heartfelt inquiry by not only the author but many other spiritual teachers, scientists, and visionaries. We cover everything from the ancient past and the ways that religion have taken us off course to Fukushima, UFO's and the new Pope. A truly fascinating woman. -Lotus Guide

The Corbett Report 233 | The Kubrick Question


Originally aired on July 2, 2012

His films have birthed some of the most iconic images in the history of cinema, yet still remarkably little is known about Stanley Kubrick's life...or death. Today on the podcast we examine the works of the world-famous director for clues as to what he knew, and whether or not he was silenced for blowing the whistle on the powers that shouldn't be.

This video was produced by James Corbett and is shared with his expressed permission.

CrossTalk: #IranDeal - Good Deal? (ft. Pepe Escobar), November 27, 2013


How significant is the nuclear deal with Iran? How does it affect internal politics in Iran? Is this deal a sign of major geopolitical realignment? And what are the biggest stumbling blocks on the way? CrossTalking with Pepe Escobar, Richard Weitz and Daniel McAdams.

Clif High | Bandwidth Caps, Bitcoin, ISON & Nummo Origins, November 25, 2013



November 25, 2013–Clif High, along with his associate George Ure, developed the Web Bot, or the Web Bot Project in the late 1990s. It's an Internet bot software program or a web spider that originally was designed to predict stock market trends. Eventually it developed into something different. Now it's claimed to be able to predict future events by tracking keywords on the web.

In the first hour of the program Clif and Henrik discuss the looming internet bandwidth caps that are slated to limit, restrict and control internet data consumption. The control of the internet comes in many different forms and the cap is the latest trick by the ISP monopolies, enabled by government, to make more money and to shut down streaming services. Clif talks about hackers and other alternatives to circumvent these restrictions. Later, we discuss the "wings" that have sprouted on comet ISON in the last few days, as it's getting closer to the sun. We move on to discuss the positive aspects of Bitcoin, why you should get involved and how they continue to increase in value, as more and more people get aboard.
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WikiLeaks speaks out against TPP secrecy, November 25, 2013


The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a trade deal that countries along the Pacific Rim have been negotiating in secret for several years, yet bragging that it could be the biggest trade agreement in history, addressing everything from food to medicine to intellectual property. Critics of the negotiations and the potential deal contend that the TPP will only help big corporations at the expense of the general public. Last week, whistleblowing organization WikiLeaks leaked 95 pages of documents relating to the TPP's intellectual property negotiations. RT's Meghan Lopez speaks with Kristinn Hrafnsson, spokesman for WikiLeaks, about the TPP, its negotiations and how WikiLeaks got the documents they leaked.

ISON UPDATE, November 25, 2013

Source: BPEarthWatch youtube,

Comparing ISON to Mcnaught. SDO Comet ISON Viewing Link:

Dr. Mercola Interviews Patrick McKeown | How the Buteyko Breathing Method Can Improve Your Health and Fitness

Source:,, Patrick McKeown youtube

Natural health expert and founder Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Patrick McKeown about Buteyko breathing and its benefits on people's health. Read full article at:

Measure your breathless during physical exercise

The length of time which you can comfortably hold your breath provides feedback of how breathless you are during physical exercise. A low breath hold time is indicative of greater breathlessness. A high comfortable breath hold time is indicative of lighter breathing during physical exercise. To reduce your breathlessness during sports, apply the OxyAthlete program to improve your comfortable breath hold time. -Patrick McKeown

The People's Voice - Be Part of the Heard | Goes to Air Today, November 25 at 17:00 GMT


The People's Voice Goes to Air Today,  November 25, 17:00 GMT.  Good luck guys!
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P5+1 & Iran agree landmark nuclear deal at Geneva talks, November 23, 2013


The P5+1 world powers and Iran have struck a historic deal on Tehran's nuclear program at talks in Geneva. Ministers overcame the last remaining hurdles to reach an interim agreement, despite strong pressure from Israel and lobby groups. Read more at

Secrets of Project Red Light - A. H., Boeing Aerospace / Disclosure Proj. Witness Testimony Archive

Source:,, Energiereichtum youtube

A. H. is a person who has gained significant information from inside the UFO extraterrestrial groups within our government, military and civilian companies. He has friends at the NSA, CIA, NASA, JPL, ONI, NRO, Area 51, the Air Force, Northrup, Boeing and others.

He used to work at Boeing as a surface technician. He was introduced to four-star General Curtis Lemay and one day went to his house in Newport Beach, CA and spoke with him about this subject. Lemay confirmed the ETV crash at Roswell. AH's NSA contact told him that Henry Kissinger, George Bush as well as Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev were all aware of the ET subject.

His CIA contact told him that the USAF had shot down some of these spacecraft. A friend of AH's who worked at Boeing was part of crash recovery and personally saw and carried ET bodies. AH says that a group in the FBI discovered that radar testing was causing interference with some of the ETV's and that this was what was causing so many crashes. He also says that there are underground bases testing and maintaining extraterrestrial technology in Utah (reachable only by air), Enzo California, Lancaster/Palmdale California, Edwards AFB in California, March AFB, Eglan AFB in Florida, London England and many other locations.
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