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Joseph P. Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | Nov. 29/30, 2023


Remember those derivatives sloshing around in the financial "system"?  Well... check this out: 

Banks Ranked by Derivatives

... and then there's this:

Bombshell From The @dailymail : CIA Secret Office of Global Access Crashed UFO / UAP Program | Nov. 28, 2023


Journalist Josh Boswell from The @dailymail, Christopher Sharp from The Liberation Times, and Matt Ford from @TheGoodTroubleShow discuss their bombshell story revealing the secretive CIA Program, The Office of Global Access, and its secret UAP / UFO recovery program.

EXCLUSIVE: CIA's secret office has conducted UFO retrieval missions on at least NINE crash sites around the world, whistleblowers reveal

*Key Points:*
1. The article in the Daily Mail discusses a CIA program, the Office of Global Access, that coordinates operations to recover crashed UAPs or UFOs.
2. Special Forces or private contractors are used for these recovery operations.
3. The program raises questions regarding the lack of democratic oversight.
4. The story's investigation involved inquiries with the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) and the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC).
5. The Office of Global Access is part of the CIA's Science and Technology Directorate.
6. Operations to retrieve off-world vehicles involve coordination with military units or private defense contractors.
7. The secrecy surrounding these operations poses challenges to democratic oversight and transparency.
8. The story alleges that the CIA and potentially other agencies have technology capable of detecting even cloaked UAPs.

*Most important part of the message & possibilities:*

The most important part of this message is potentially the secrecy and lack of proper oversight of a government program related to UAPs, which could undermine democratic governance. The possibilities from this story include:

- Investigating further to uncover and report additional details.
- Lobbying for greater transparency and accountability within government programs.
- Questioning the entities involved about the procedures and legal frameworks governing these operations.

*Potential future outcomes:*

1. Increased public and governmental scrutiny of the CIA's Operations and similar programs.
2. Congressional inquiries or legislative action to ensure proper oversight and transparency.
3. Pressure on agencies for more transparency could lead to the declassification of certain information.
4. A heightened awareness of the issue's importance could stimulate public debate about UAPs and related governmental policies.

The Corbett Report | JFK: From Mongoose to Gladio | Nov. 23, 2023



We all know what happened on 11/22/63. But what about what happened on 11/22/90? And what connects these two events? And what does Seven Days in May have to do with it? Join James Corbett for a special presentation to the JFK Lancer conference on "JFK: From Mongoose to Gladio."


Episode 2065 David Grusch - The Joe Rogan Experience | Nov. 21, 2023


David Grusch is a former Air Force intelligence officer, representative of the National Reconnaissance Office to the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force, and co-lead for Unidentified Aerial Phenomena analysis at the National Geo-Spacial Intelligence Agency.

Pepe Escobar | How the US Global Order is Challenged | Nov. 20, 2023

Source: Syriana Analysis youtube

Geopolitical analyst and journalist Pepe Escobar joins Kevork Almassian to discuss the challenges facing the US-led unipolar world by growing powers such as China, Russia, and Iran.

The show starts at 3:00 min.

James Corbett | New World Dis-Order on CHD TV | Nov. 21, 2023


James Corbett and Dr. Meryl Nass return to “Good Morning CHD” to chronicle the latest Oct. 30 draft of the WHO Pandemic Treaty — now pegged the pandemic ‘agreement’.

As the clock counts down until the May 2024 World Health Assembly, the time has come for free and sovereign individuals of the world to reclaim their sovereignty, and fast.

James and Meryl elucidate what a “complete reimagination” of the world’s power structure looks like, walking us through the game plan of the opponent’s multi-angled attack to bring about their “New World Dis-Order,” and provide us with inspirational solutions to fight back. Learn their strategies and get a grasp of the bigger picture in this episode of “Good Morning CHD.”

Show Notes: 

Dark Journalist | JFK60: Blue Enigma The UFO File and Assassination Revealed! | Nov. 17, 2023



Join us for this Special X-Series Premiere Presentation JFK60: Blue Enigma as Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt is interviewed and goes deep on the Secret Space NASA UFO File ties to the JFK Assassination. DJ reveals a covert program codenamed "BLUE" that JFK had set up to cope with the UFO issue that he wanted to share with other countries and that cost him his life at the hands of X-Protect Intel group.

Jesse Michels | EW UFO Proof Shocks Jake Paul, Alien Bodies Found, The Truth On David Grusch | Nov. 16, 2023

Source: Jacke Paul youtube

Jake Paul, Jesse Michels and Aubrey Marcus dive deep into the fascinating world of UFOs and alien encounters and the implications they have on our society, technology, and even religion. They also discuss the testimony of high-ranking intelligence officer David Grusch, who blew the whistle on the US government's secret UFO programs and their possession of crafts of unknown origin.

00:00 - Intro
01:39 - How Jesse Michaels got into UFOs
16:55 - History of the world in the context of UFOs
19:00 - The Government HIDING UFOs
29:35 - Conspiracy theories and disinformation: Uncovering the Truth
33:27 - The Hunt for Zero Point: Investigative Journey
38:06 - The SECRECY of UFOs
44:14 - ATIP program: Government UFO Investigation
50:05 - Changing from UFOs to UAPs
54:07 - Do you believe in ghosts?
54:43 - DMT as a window into an objective reality
1:02:37 - Mind over matter: Power of the Mind
1:04:55 - The Scientific understanding of DMT
1:08:50 - Aubrey’s ABDUCTION experience
1:17:45 - Aliens are FUTURE humans?!
1:32:12 - The Philosophical Exploration of Time
1:40:01 - The Ghost of Jake Paul’s past
1:44:14 - Exploring the Downsides of Psychedelics
1:54:07 - Therapeutic Potential with Psychedelics
1:56:57 - OUTRO

New World Next Week | Some Good Things Happened Today | Nov. 17, 2023


Story #1: San Francisco Clears Out Bums, Builds Wall for Xi Jinping’s Visit
News Crew Robbed At Gunpoint While Filming In San Francisco Ahead Of Jinping-Biden Summit
Protestors Clash With Riot Police As 1000s Descend On San Francisco To Shut Down APEC Summit
Video: Nardwuar vs. Prime Minister Jean Chretien
Taiwan Is Attending the APEC Summit, Too
Biden, Xi Meet For APEC At Bay Area Mansion That Made Soap Opera History

Story #2: EU Parliament Agrees on Digital ID Introduction and Pro-Censorship Chief Suggests CBDC Integration
UN, Gates Foundation ’50-in-5′ Campaign Aims To Rollout Digital Public Infrastructure in 50 Countries By 2028
Biometric Authentication Pilot for Online Tax Registration Begins in India
Aadhaar Data Leak | Personal Data Of 81.5 Crore Indians On Sale On Dark Web

Story #3: Booths Supermarkets To Ditch Self-Checkouts In North of England Stores
West Antarctica Temperature Falls 2°C in 20 Years
Sahara Expert Says Desert Shrinking, Calls Alarmist Tipping Points “Complete Nonsense”
Nearly 1,000 Ulez Cameras Damaged Or Stolen In Seven Months
The ‘New World Next Week’ Store

Joseph P. Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | Nov. 16, 2023


Something very weird is going on in the bond markets, and Joseph thinks it may suggest powerful non-state actors:

Are “Aliens” Just Future Humans? Ft. David Grusch and Mike Masters | Nov. 11, 2023

Source: Jesse Michels youtube

Michael Masters is a biological anthropologist at Montana Tech University. He’s written 3 books: Unidentified Flying Objects, The Extratempestrial Model, and Revelation: The Future Human Past. His arguments that aliens are just humans from the future who have figured out time travel are compelling and thorough. Please enjoy this episode!!
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