Jay Dyer | 1984 Predicted the Technocratic Takeover | June 16, 2021

Source: infowars.com, jaysanalysis.com

Jay Dyer guest hosts The Alex Jones Show to break down the modern parallels of the modern Great Reset takeover to George Orwell's dystopian classic 1984.

Red Ice TV | NO-Go Zone: It’s Afraid, Because It Knows It Can Not Win | June 17, 2021

Source: redice.tv


Henrik cover some of the latest news and recent events in episode 58 of No-Go Zone.

Suspicious0bservers | A Disaster is Coming | June 16, 2021

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

S0 News | Strongest Nova, Coronal Hole Impact, RNA 2 DNA | June 16, 2021

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

James Corbett Destroys the China War Propaganda | June 15, 2021

Source: corbettreport.com, libertyweekly.net

In today’s edition of The Redpill Series, James Corbett joins Patrick MacFarlane on the Liberty Weekly podcast for a hard-hitting, information-packed and wide-ranging conversation on the 2D China vs. US war narrative that is being steered by the war propagandists and the 3D China + US reality underneath.

In addition to China and the New World Order, James and Patrick talk about The Great Convergence, the question of how WWIII will be fought and what part we have to play in derailing this propaganda narrative before it destroys humanity.

- The Liberty Weekly Podcast
- China and the New World Order
- Getting To Beijing: Henry Kissinger’s Secret 1971 Trip
- Rockefeller Family in China: Then and Now (Richard Rockefeller)
- Yale Group Spurs Mao’s Emergence
- Skull & Bones – The Bush’s China Connection
- Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler
- Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution
- Wall Street and FDR
- Antony Sutton Trilogy Of Western Technology And Soviet Economic Development
- Deal With the Devil: How the Global Elite Re-colonized China
- Norman Dodd On Tax Exempt Foundations
- Council On Foreign Relations (including UN origins)
- How Will WWIII Be Fought? – Questions For Corbett
- The Shadows of Power by James Perloff
- 2034: A Novel of the Next World War
- Episode 402 – Your Guide to The Great Convergence
- From A China Traveler (Rockefeller ode to Mao in NYTimes)
- ‘Whoever leads in AI will rule the world’: Putin to Russian children on Knowledge Day
- ‘Independent’ report claiming Uyghur genocide brought to you by sham university, neocon ideologues lobbying to ‘punish’ China
- Why Orwell Matters by Christopher Hitchens
- Why Big Oil Conquered the World
- Amazon US customers have one week to opt out of mass wireless sharing
- Echoes of WWI: China, the US, and the Next “Great” War
- ‘Fort Detrick base is full of suspicions’: China asks US for explanation of 2019 respiratory disease after Biden’s new Covid probe
- Falsehood In Wartime (World War 1)
- Heirs of Mao’s Comrades Rise as New Capitalist Nobility (Bloomberg report on “Eight Immortals”
- Mapping China’s Red Nobility (Bloomberg infographic)
- How Bloomberg “News” Censors the News
- China’s Suspiciously American Arsenal: A Closer Look

S0 News | The Galactic Wave, Solar Clock, Cosmic Spin | June 15, 2021

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

Brian Foerster | More Explorations On The Giza Plateau; Including Inside The Great Pyramid | June 14, 2021

Source: hiddenincatours.com

Pierre Sabak | Holographic Culture, Angelic Sailors, & The Divine Invasion | June 15, 2021

Source: thehighersidechats.com, pierresabakbooks.com

Pierre Sabak is an expert on ancient symbolism and etymology and is widely recognized as a leading academic in the fields of religion, mythology, mysticism and the esoteric.

New Ufology is the Study of Occult Symbolism to deconstruct the Ufological tradition, a restricted teaching equated with the Flying Saucer and its occupants (a Crewmember of a Vessel).

A completely new field of research, the focus of New Ufology is Skaphology (the Study of Angelic Boats within Religion and Mythology). Pierre Sabak’s work on the Saucer Cults details a Secret Alien Code within Language (the Artefact), one that is identified archaically with the ‘Angelic Sailor’ and its human and non-human Hosts.

Dark Journalist | Dr. Joseph Farrell Nazis In Space: Von Braun JFK And The UFO Invasion Op! | Part 2 | June 12, 2021

Source: darkjournalist.com

Dark Journalist Special Part 2 Interview with Oxford Scholar Dr. Joseph Farrell: Nazis In Space: Von Braun JFK And The UFO Invasion Op!

A Warning About The UFO Threat From 1997!
“It will be interesting to see what “enemy” develops in the years ahead. It appears that “UFOs and Aliens” are being primed to fulfill that role for the future.” - Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty - Chief of Special Operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Join Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt for this fascinating interview with Dr. Joseph Farrell on the origin of the Alien Invasion Op and the involvement of Nazi Rocket Scientists! Dr. Farrell goes deep on the NASA Rocket Scientist Wernher von Braun and his prescient Prediction of a False Alien Invasion Op that would be created by the National Security State as a pretext to weaponize space.

Fascinating Topics:

Paperclip Nazi Scientists
Global Control From Space
Von Braun Prediction
False Flag UFO Threat
Secret Finance
Genuine UFO File Research

Part 1: Dark Journalist | Dr. Joseph Farrell | Antarctica UFO Secrets & Alien Invasion Op! | June 9, 2021

The Corbett Report | Meet the World Economic Forum | June 12, 2021

Source: corbettreport.com

The World Economic Forum does not run the world, but in this time of The Great Reset and The Fourth Industrial Revolution you’d be forgiven for thinking so. Today on The Corbett Report podcast, join James for a wild ride through the murky origins of the WEF’s past into the nightmarish future it is seeking to bring about . . . and how we can use this information to better understand and derail its agenda. -corbettreport.com

Episode 387 – Your Guide to The Great Reset
Episode 402 – Your Guide to The Great Convergence
The Great Reset | Launch session 3 June 2020
Klaus Schwab on the Fourth industrial revolution (article)
What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution? by Prof Klaus Schwab (video)
Here’s how life could change in my city by the year 2030 (wayback)
A Future Without Waste | Ida Auken
Cyber Polygon 2020 Highlights
A Better Future for Food – Public Forum of the UN Food Systems Summit
The Davos Agenda 2021: Advancing a New Social Contract
Grover on The Great Reset podcast
Key takeaways on digital currency from The Davos Agenda
What is the World Economic Forum?
World Economic Forum: Our Mission
WEF Annual Report 2018-2019
WEF Statutes
Swiss Host State Act
WEF Status Agreement with Swiss Government (German / French / Italian)
WEF Regulations
WEF Leadership and Governance
A Partner in Shaping History: The First 40 Years
Schwab Family Values
Books, Books, Books! on Grand Theft World w/ James Corbett and Richard Grove
The Davos Manifesto
And Now For The 100 Trillion Dollar Bankster Climate Swindle…
The (Second) Most Important Bank You’ve Never Heard Of
A Look at Davos Through the Years (Hilde Stoll marries Schwab)
Klaus admits “Loan from a German industrialist”
Wilfried Stoll (Festo Holding GmbH) attended the first and most recent Davos meeting
Festo Bionic Learning Network<br /> World Economic Forum Releases Framework to Help Business Identify ESG Factors for Long-Term Resilience
Peter Foster: Mark Carney, man of destiny, arises to revolutionize society. It won’t be pleasant
Could Prime Minister Trudeau tap Mark Carney as the next finance minister?
Mark Carney at WEF
WEF Panel discussion on carbon markets
WEF Transformation Map
WEF Partners

The Black Vault Live | Updates / AMA / Open Lines | June 13, 2021

Source: theblackvault.com

New World Next Week | Great Resetters Prep Cyber Scamdemic | June 11, 2021

Source: NewWorldNextWeek.com, corbettreport.com, mediamonarchy.com

Story #1: Japan Mulls Vaccinating All 70,000 Tokyo Games Volunteers
Senior Japan Olympic Official Jumps In Front Of Train In Suspected Suicide

Story #2: Cyber Polygon to Focus on Secure Development of Digital Ecosystems
WEF Partner JBS Meats Coincidentally Hit With Ransomware Attack
U.S. Recovered Millions in Ransom From Colonial Pipeline Hackers
Colonial Pipeline Was Fine, Its Owner Shut It Down To Make Sure They’d Get Paid Correctly

Story #3: Judge Orders VA School to Reinstate Teacher Who Refused to Use Trans Pronouns
Vaccination Rates Fall Off, Imperiling Biden’s July Fourth Goal
Houston Nurses Protest After Losing Their Jobs For Refusing COVID-19 Shots
‘Sweet Tooth’ Newspaper Ad Stunt Sparks Divisive Reaction

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