The Intercept | The Yankee Plot to Overthrow Nicolás Maduro and Steal Venezuela’s Oil | Feb. 2, 2019


The Trump administration is openly engaging in a blatant effort to overthrow the government of Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela. It’s a campaign aimed at regime change, and it’s being publicly promoted as an opportunity to steal Venezuelan oil for the benefit of U.S. corporations. They’re not even pretending.

But this is not some insane Twitter thought spewed by Trump after guzzling down gallons of Fox and Friends. It’s open imperialism, and it’s not just being embraced by powerful Republicans, but Democrats as well.

This push for regime change in Venezuela did not appear in a vacuum. The CIA has been plotting with so-called rebels in Venezuela from the early days of the Trump administration.

As Donald Trump has cozied up to strongmen and dictators across the world — from Vladimir Putin to Mohammed bin Salman, Rodrigo Duterte, Kim Jong-un, el-Sisi of Egypt — it seems that he’s found one so-called strongman that he can’t tolerate. And that leader happens to have the largest reserves of oil of any country in the world.

Former CIA Asset Cody Snodgres | Should you Trust the Government? | Jan. 21, 2019


Daniel Brigman interviews Cody Snodgres on The Power Hour January 21, 2019.

Dane Wigington & Jeff Rense | Chemical Ice Nucleation & Suicidal Weather Insanity | Feb. 5, 2019


This Jeff Rense Program Hour Is from 02-05-19 with Guest Dane Wiggington.

The Corbett Report | How TV News Manufactures Consent - #PropagandaWatch| Feb. 5, 2019


You are NOT strange if you are angry about TSA molestation. In fact, you're strange if watching strangers getting molested doesn't make your blood boil. That's exactly why the talking heads on TV try so hard to convince you otherwise.

Show Notes:
Episode 352 – The TSA (and other experiments in evil)

Michel Chossudovsky | Venezuela: From Oil Proxy to the Bolivarian Movement and Sabotage


We discuss the economic and political crisis in Venezuela, its history as an oil proxy nation since the discovery of oil in 1918, through successive dictatorships, coups d’etats, a fake nationalization of the oil industry, the Chavista movement and destabilization through financial warfare, with a special emphasis on Michel Chossudovsky’s personal experience there conducting a study on poverty in 1975 as Advisor to the Venezuelan Minister of Planning.

Chad Stuemke | Atlantis Stargate & Detroit | Freeman TV


The idea of launching rocket ships to distant stars seems unlikely. In a time when you can control your television with your mind, maybe conscious travel should be in our thoughts. How do you travel through the time space continuum? A Stargate?

Are there relics that let us know of ancient high civilizations in the past? In Detroit?! Signs and symbols recur throughout the ages as if the architects are connected with some alien force that directs their construction. What was Crowley doing in Detroit? Why is the largest headquarters of secret societies there?

The Stargate symbolism is undeniable and it runs back through time. Would seeing Thomas Jefferson in the Time Space Continuum shock you? Maybe we all need to get out and look around at the occult world that encapsulates us!

Chad Stuemke is an author, researcher, and seeker. His investigations range from searching out the secrets of ancient civilizations and their hidden archaeology to probing the present for answers in regards to U.F.O.’s, stargates, symbolism, spirituality, and humanities greater potentials.

Intentions being that by searching out the keys that have been hidden in the past, we may be able to unlock the gates and doors to our own higher potentials, and future. Chad lives in Northern Michigan with his family and enjoys being inspired by nature in his free time.

Chad has appeared on several nationally acclaimed radio shows and currently gives lectures and walking tours of ancient sacred landscapes and Modern Mystical Cities. His hopes are through his lectures and walking tours people will begin recognizing and utilizing the sacred symbolism that has been hidden in plain sight within our sacred and ancient sites as well as our modern urban centers.

He believes the combination of experience we receive from visiting both the ancient and modern sacred sites in the same day is something akin to a time-machine, we’re able to look to the past, while feeling in the present, and sometimes even glimpsing the future. This is a true “Gateway” experience.

Joel Garbon | Cold Fusion & More: Breakthrough Energy Developments | Richard Dolan Show | Feb. 4, 2019


Joel Garbon served as president of the New Energy Movement (NEM) for 11 years, educating the public and policymakers alike about breakthrough energy technologies and their implications for human society and our planet, while also serving as an advocate for inventors of these technologies. He is a founding member of New Energy Congress, a forum of technical professionals who investigate new energy technologies.

Joel has worked for more than 30 years as an international industrial science consultant and educator within the chemical, pulp and paper, and water treatment industries. He is the inventor and developer of several successful commercial technologies used within these industries. He also co-authored the award-winning book BREAKTHROUGH POWER: How Quantum-Leap New Energy Inventions Can Transform Our World.

Jasun Horsley | Sex, Occultism and Social Engineering | Legalise Freedom Radio | Part Two | Feb. 4, 2019


Jasun Horsley discusses his book 'The Vice of Kings: How Socialism, Occultism, and the Sexual Revolution Engineered a Culture of Abuse'.

In today’s post-truth world, we are becoming inundated with fantasy fiction, alternate truth, fake news, and grossly-oversimplified, wildly-exaggerated conspiracy theories in which cryptocratic power structures and shadowy elites rule our fates. But suppose the truth is both stranger than any fiction and more nuanced and disturbing than any theory? Suppose it is not conspiracy but complicity that creates our world? Beginning as an investigation into the author’s childhood inside a closet aristocracy of so-called ‘progressive’ British entrepreneurs, The Vice of Kings uncovers a shocking and deeply-disturbing history with links to powerful, high-profile individuals and organisations within the media, entertainment, government, law enforcement, the intelligence services, and more.

By juxtaposing disc jockey Jimmy Savile’s secret cultural, criminal, and political affiliations in the second half of the 20th century with the life and teachings of Aleister Crowley in the first, it uncovers an alarming body of evidence suggesting that organized child abuse is not only the dark side of occultism, but the shadowy secret at the heart of culture, both ancient and modern.

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Part 1
Jasun Horsley | Sex, Occultism and Social Engineering | Legalise Freedom Radio | Part 1

Clif High | DIY Jedi training, Preparing for BugWar | Feb. 2, 2019


Dark Journalist | X Series 45 | CIA Psychic Spectral Double & UFO File X-Protect Revealed | Feb. 1, 2019


Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt presents the groundbreaking X-SERIES that follows the X Steganography through the History of Political and Covert Esoteric Groups coordinating in a Stealth Program the Secret Work of the Mystery Schools X-Technology and Apotheum Reality Distortion.

Richard Alan Miller, Ph.D. | Gang Stalking, Voice To Skull (V2K), & Silent Hypnosis | Hour 1 | Veritas Radio


Tonight, we will discuss many topics; among them, gang stalking and voice to skull technology. The crime of organized gang stalking is a criminal racketeering psychological operation ran by criminal elements of the United States Air Force. Can they subliminally control people?

What is silent sound subliminal mind control? I hear their prime target is alternative research, alternative media, and commonly called conspiracy theorists. People like you, dear listener. People who disagree with the government, research 9/11 and people who are interested in highly advanced technologies, directed energy weapons and high frequencies.

Once the people are selected they assemble a team to focus on them with the intent to isolate them from family and friends, and have people turn against them until they are fully isolated. They start hearing voices, freak out and end up in the psychiatrist; get a false diagnosis of schizophrenia, and that gives the authorities a loophole to remove constitutional rights from that person. Once you are deemed mentally unfit to take are of yourself, the state or federal governments can step in and "take care" of you.

Max Igan | We've All Been Played | Feb. 1, 2019


Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - Febuary 1st, 2019.
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